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  1. Thanks everybody! Laila is better and now I've tried https://www.darwinsp...CFQtLDQodlW8Ayw , so far I liked, but it doesn't have bones at all, so next time I will try http://naturalpetpantry.com/, which is way more expensive, but still worth it. I've found some butchers near me so I will attempt to prepare my own raw to Laila with bones and supplement her with vitamins too!
  2. Hi, I've just started giving my dog raw food. After watching dogfooled on Netflix I started reading about raw feeding and started to realize it is the best option. So I did the math, checked the fat/protein/amount according to her weight, everything set up. I started with minced 10%fat meat and she did good, so I added some liver because I've read it's good. The result, same day my house had vomit and diarrhea all over the place, carpet, bed, living room, kitchen, bedroom, everywhere!!! We stopped giving liver, but It took 3 days to reestablish a good poop and eating. So now I've tried some diced lean meat and chicken, apparently the chicken was refused. I've read here that the poop amount decreased is normal, also the appearance, her is tiny, very dark and runny. -Any tips to make her poop better? -Any more parts of the cow that should I avoid , like liver? I added some shredded vegetables, but it seems she finds a way to separate them from meat and just let them untouched. -Is it bad to give only minced meat? I mean for the jaws because she doesn't have to chew a lot. I've read here that people buy "premade" meat, but I have no idea where to get it and I think it's cheaper and healthier to just buy meat in grocery store weekly and prepare myself. If the idea is reduce the processed food on industries, buying pre-made mix is a way of buying the same, but "lightly" processed. But I know on those mix they have bones and more things, instead of just meat. I already add some fish oil and coat supplement, because she is mostly bald. Although I really have to confess, she loves minced meat and her bad breath is really better!
  3. Hi, Sorry, I know we have discussed this topic of picky eaters a lot and I've tried everything, but I guess I'm hoping for a good advice. Let me explain the case, I have a greyhound who eats everything so I have never had such a problem, so now I'm fostering a Greyhound mix. She is from Korea, so she was probably a stray dog, that's maybe why she is very picky and more familiar with junkfood. She is in foster because of her weight, now she is currently with 57lbs, but for her size and being a mix she is really underweight, we can see all her ribs, back and bum bones, so she is basically bones. So my homework is fatten her up, but it's so hard, she doesn't like dog food at all. She came with a kibble (that she didn't eat) and some treats, which she just like those one and doesn't accept any new ones. That's what I've tried: Changed the kibble and brands, tried meat, chicken, pork, finally it seems she accepts more fish kibble. Tried all sorts of wet foods and brands, the cheap ones, the expensive ones... also canned tuna and salmon, a little bit of success. Home made food, tried chicken, brown rice, fish, red meat, even a delicious chicken soup. Olewo carrots and beets, she didn't even touched them! High calorie gel for dogs who need get fat, didn't even touched it. Peanut butter in a Kong, she sometimes eat, sometimes doesn't. Cheese, fresh white cheese, she likes, but I've heard a lot of cheese it's not good for dogs. Last try, I bought Freshpet, it is that fresh food for dogs that comes in big rolls and are refrigerate, I had some success with this one! Very little! So she seems to go better with fish meals, but every time she eats a whole meal for 2 days, the next 2 days she doesn't eat at all! So it's and ups and downs, when I finally get happy because she ate 3 meals in a day, next day she won't. It's scary for me to see a dog that doesn't eat at all for 2 days and her belly does very disturbing loud sounds. There was one day that I was so desperate to make her eating that I gave her a donuts, because it seems to be the only thing that she wants to eat when we eat. She had a Vet check last week, so we ruled out any sort of illness. The Vet knows how hard she is to eat and told me just to keep trying. I don't know if is because she was a stray and was used to eating trash from the streets it might had affected her taste for dog food. It seems she wants to eat only the things she can't like our junk food that is not healthy. What should I do? She is supposed to eat 4 cups of kibble/day and I am not able to feed her even 2 cups/day. I never saw a dog refusing a treat, even a piece of bacon! I've reached the point that I cooked pieces of bacon to her and she totally refused. Help meeee!!!
  4. Hi, As some people said before Oratene products are great. I use the gel in the water, but also brush their teeth everyday, when I can't I put a brushless gel instead it's from Oratene too. Virbac CET it's great brand also, we use the toothpaste and give them the green Virbac cet chew. There is a white one with enzymes that helps too, but it was to hard for our greys. If you have time I think brushing their teeth everyday it's the best option after a good dental clean in the vet. I've started doing it when I adopted my dog. And now my vet said her teeth are great. Of course sometimes I forget and some plaques form in her teeth, then I use a human scrapper from dentix, to remove. She is very calm so I have no problem doing that.
  5. She has been fostered for just one month with the past foster family and they observed this behavior of biting nail, but not tearing the skin. And yes she had a recent vet check. I guess it's her nerves, because she got depressed in the kennel. I will try to bring her more enrichment and maybe a boot to avoid tearing more her skin.
  6. The problem is, sometimes with the nails she bites her paws, so it has started to hurt and take some blood. I'm afraid of infections or self mutilation might be an issue in the future.
  7. Hi, I'm in the same situation, I've been reading some posts here about picky eaters and got some advices. My dog is very under weight now and doesn't eat all. What I'm trying to do is choose more high calorie Kibble, dry chicken patties for dog, she likes peanut butter, so I give her some not add sugar peanut butter. I've tried some brown rice with chicken too, it's not good for nutrition but if you add some powder vitamins and probiotic it can be a temporary solution. I've found this product https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00063KI8A/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490397789&sr=8-1&keywords=high+calorie+dog+supplement I don't know if is effective, but I will try to check if is goodm I also found mass gain powder on Amazon, it's for pitbulls, but some reviewers said it worked on skinny Greyhounds. I didn't tried because it's kind of expensive, I will keep trying on regular food. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00GWOTPR2/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490398116&sr=8-1&keywords=mass+dog+weight I hope those info can help you. But of course first it's important to know if the dog is healthy.
  8. Hi! I've decided to foster a Greyhound. So far so good this first days I've noticed she is constantly licking her paws and started to bite her nails. The sound of her biting her nails is disturbing. I've tried to say NO-STOP, but if I am not looking at her she starts again. She is a 3 y.o. Greyhound mix and is in fostering because of weight loss. She is very hard to eat and now is very thin. I've read about it online, but I've seen multiple reasons for nail biting...boredom, nutrition, anxiety, food allergy. Has anyone experienced something similar? I don't know if is food allergy, because they brought her food and treats from her first foster home, so I haven't changed any food at all. What I do now is when I see her doing this I say stop and after a while I bring her some dental chew or antler, so she starts to eat them instead. But I am not with her all the time so I need to figure out how to improve this behavior before her getting wounds.
  9. Hi, I have a fearful girl. She is 3 y.o. and I have her with us for 8 months. She has improved a lot, but is still fearful and I know she might be like this forever. We live in a apartment in Seattle. We let her once in a Greyhound dog boarding for 18 days and we saw some of her videos when she was there, she had such a great time running and playing with another Greyhounds. So because of that I started to think that she might need more paw friends and play time with dogs.The dog boarding and rescue place is far away from home so is not possible to go there every week. Our neighborhood has a lot of dogs but they always step back when see her, I don't know if because she is fearful or because she is a black greyhound and people usually confuse this breed with dobermans. So we decided to take her in a regular dog day care nearby. Yesterday was her first day and they had cameras so I could see everything. But her behavior was so different from the one that I saw in the Greyhound dog boarding. With Greyhounds her tail goes up so quickly and she starts to run so happily! But with regular dogs her tail was down and she was running in the corners avoiding dogs smelling her butt. She was clearly not happy and they've let the dogs for 4 hours free without any dog bed or flufly place to lay down. It was clearly that she was tired and stressed. I've watched some videos about fearful dogs and they say the best way to train them is with happy dogs as model. But watching my Laila in the daycare it didn't seem she enjoyed. Maybe it's her first day and I am being paranoic. But she was clearly happy when she arrived at home and found her bed. So what do you recommend? Do I need to force her socialize in a regular daycare? Getting a second dog for the moment is not possible, but we thought about it.
  10. Hi, I've adopted my dog 3 y.o. and now we have her for about 7 months. We had to do a 18 day trip and let her in a Greyhound dog boarding. She had a really great time, the dog sitter always sent us couple of videos of her running happily with the pack. She is a fearful dog so for now this 7 months she had improved so much. Although when we picked her up from the dog boarding she was terrified with us. It seemed that she totally forgot about us, I was so sad because I have never seen her so terrified, she tucked her tail, trembled and refused to go with us. The dog sitter told us that is pretty much common when the adopters are new and the dog is fearful/timid. Is that really common? I felt we've stepped back all the results and progress. Now is hard to walk with her again, she is no longer following me, she takes times to eat, no longer play so much. She just stays at our or her bed the whole day. The dog sitter said to be patient, ignore her for a while and let her remember her routine. She is my first dog so I don't know what to expect.But I can't forget her eyes when we came to pick her, I felt like crying so much.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm pretty much new in this greyhound world. I've adopted my sweet dog 6 months ago, she is 3 yo. We did a check up last Thursday, a tick-borne screen, vaccine to Bordetella and also started with Revolution (Selamectin). Last Sunday one huge red mark has just appeared in her neck, it looks like a bruise. I did a quick research here and found that some Vet draw blood and then it gets bruised in the place, is that true? Do they draw blood from the neck? I thought they took it from the veins in the paws. Should I be concerned about it? Her behavior is normal and did not change. Sorry but this is so weird to me. Is this just a bruise or allergy reaction? I'm thinking about going to the Vet today, since is something I never saw before.
  12. I have mine for 5 months, she is 3yo, on the first/two months she was doing this, collecting everything from the apartment, chewing. What we did were trying to avoid let anything near her, we hide all the shoes, socks, tried to put everything away. But I know it's hard and always we miss something, so we started to muzzle her, she got so sad because of that, next couple of days she just stopped chewing stuff. We also tried to let lot of toys with a thin layer of peanut butter or layer of her favorite tooth paste (poultry flavored), I bought a Bob-A-Lot (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001JQLNB4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ), which is a kind of more sophisticated kong, but kong also distracts her a lot. Another good thing that sometimes we do, is hide some treats at home, so she can chase them when she is alone. I think the keys are:muzzling in the beginning, exercise and treats. After this 2 months she just collects shoes if we let them, but just that.
  13. Hi, First I have to thank so much this forum, so many people had helped me with my fearful Laila and now after 5 months with us she is blossoming and feeling more comfortable. But now she became a crybaby, she learned that crying is a good method to get things. She cries at 6am to pee, to eat. She cries because she wants cuddles. She cries because I am in a different room and she wants me in the same room as her. For everything she whines, in the beginning I found so cute, but now it's just annoying so much crying. Is it normal? How do I avoid that, is ok just ignore? If I ignore the whining gets loud and loud and then starts a sad barking. She is such a crybaby, hahahaha.
  14. As everybody said already. I also use the two collar method, martingale for walking and normal collar at home with tag, I got some plastic customized tags at esty, so they don't bling bling a lot. I also put written: "Needs medication" and avoid putting her name, cause I read that if you put the dog's name, people might find cute and try to keep the dog, also the medication alert makes people return the dog quickly. My dog is a fearful, so I use a harness as well just to be more secure. Good luck!
  15. Well, I think some of people tries a lot of types of kibbles until find the good one. My fearful girl I continued with the same kibble from the rescue, cause changing subtle their kibble might be a problem. But in her health file diarrhea was happening for a long time, so I decided to avoid lamb. I have heard that some greyhounds don`t go well with lamb. Switched for Wellness grain free chicken and little bit of improvement, then I tried fish flavors, cause most of chicken and meat stuff still have lamb and all sorts of meat inside. I`ve tried Taste of Wild Pacific, Blue Buffallo wild fish, First mate fish. I still don`t know if she is really intolerant to lamb, or if she was just adjusting our home, so less fearful, but her diarrhea and soft stool have improved so much. To have one idea I wrote all the ingredients in a spreadsheet and compared all the diets even the treats trying to figure out if there was anything in common with the bad ones, the only thing that I concluded is that the kibbles with less ingredients and ingredients that you know what is when you read, are the better ones and they are not the most expensive ones. I might be too neurotic with this diet thing, but grain free worked good with my girl and fish diet as well. But I might be wrong and maybe she got better just cause she has adjusted well at home and feel more comfortable. Good luck trying to find the perfect kibble. To me Taste of wild and First mate were good. Blue Buffallo is a good one cheaper.
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