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Hair Loss From Radiation

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I was starting to think maybe we were going to be lucky enough to avoid it since it's been almost 6 weeks since Zuri's palliative radiation treatments, but I'm finally seeing the skin effects. I had noticed his skin was pink in that area, but now the skin is flaking off and taking the hair with it. He's not bothered by it at all, but wondering if anyone who experienced this did anything to help? I'm probably asking too late. I did ask the oncologist if we could do something preventatively, but he said no.


I'm not anticpating any issues for him, but open to suggestions just in case.


I'm also a bit bummed. I have been trying to set up a photo shoot for me and him with the person who did Neyla's and it's been time consuming trying to get it scheduled. A hairless shoulder is not really ideal for how I want to remember him. I know, SO unimportant, the key thing is he is doing well and still with me, but I can't help feeling a bit bummed. Anyway :blah if anyone has suggestions for keeping someone of the hair and avoiding irritation for him, would love to hear them. Thanks!

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No suggestions for the hair loss, but if you tell the photographer that you'd prefer the bald shoulder not be too prominent or visible in too many shots, any good photographer will do their best to set up shots that meet that criteria. Or at least I would hope they'd be mindful.


I'm sorry for you and him but happy that that's the only negative side effect so far.

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He loses the skin because it is burned, like when you have a sunburn. I would ask my vet for some lotion to keep the skin hydrated.

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Topical Dermoscent worked very well for Kasey when I used it for his allergies. The fur was nice and fluffy and the skin seemed to be better. I mention this because he also was able to grow some fur on his bare bum!

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