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Paw Issue

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I remember posting about this a while ago and it all seemed like it'a s normal thing, but I was hoping the GT'ers could put their minds together for a second look.


Ryder started limping a lot more on tonight's walk than usual. He has had x-rays on his front limbs twice over the course of his life and most recently just a year ago. All sets were fine. He went regularly to a chiropractor over the years, which does wonders for him, but I haven't gone recently as my schedule just does not allow dedicated once or twice weekly trips right now. He gets plenty of supplements for joints, but he has limped pretty much all his life.


Regarding the paw: there is a discolored part on the big part of his paw. It's been there a couple years now, never paid it much mind. Via webcam I can confirm that he licks and nurses this paw daily for long stints at a time, clearly bothersome. I wet the paw after our walk and took some pics. They are below. When I put pressure right over the spot he has a slight twitch, so he's reacting to touch on that spot, which I think also explains walking, he's limping cuz the paw is hurting. Interestingly, I think it might be a little tender right where all his hair is against that section. It doesn't not appear swollen at all.


I'd like to quiz you folks first about what this might be. There doesn't seem to be anything foreign in there, and I really am reluctant to take him to the vet for this because I think it will turn up nothing. Of course I will have no choice if this is the culprit of his limping, whatever it might be. Would you be so kind to comment? It's not a corn that I can tell (Kasey had those), it's almost like a burn or something....





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Hi. I remember something that looked/sounded similar on my dog's paw (possibly from a sharp stone), but it was temporary. The vet called it a "hot spot" and, from memory, prescribed a short course of anti-biotics plus anti-inflammatory tablets.


My grey had a back leg limp that the vet thought was a sprain or strain. It was also temporary.


Both the dogs sometimes get bindii prickles in their paws. Luckily none so far (that I'm aware of) have left a broken point embedded.


Hope your dog is feeling better soon. :)

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Just had Lilly in for something sort of similar. A largish lump right on the verge between the callused pad skin and the furry foot skin. Not hard, not really squishy, not over sensitive, but it does bother her because she licks it a lot, especially after hard play. Vet aspirated it and determined it's mostly a callus and must just bother her enough for licking. Recomendations is to moisturize the lump and see if it will go away, so we'll be trying epsom salt soaks and Bag Balm to see if that helps. Basically, we're treating it the same as a corn.


You might try the same to see if there's a foreign body or something that can be soaked out or soaked away, and moisturize to soften. Your other option might be to add padding on walks with a boot.

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Can it be a scar? Scar tissue sometimes sets off strange feelings in the nerve endings. It can be treated with a soft laser therapy.

Your spot seems to be on one of those meridians for acupuncture. A laser acupuncture session might help.

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