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Triceps Injury

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Tracker, who is almost 9, somehow managed to injure his right front triceps mid June 2015. I noticed because he would always limp there after getting up from lying down. He'd limp a few steps and then the limp resolved. He never limped outside on walks. I was seeing a PT at the time for his achilles tendon, so she examined his right leg and could feel the triceps problem (knots and stuff). The first few weeks of PT on that spot I didn't restrict his walks at all and let him trot when he desired (stupid me, in hindsight, but the PT also didn't tell me not to). Things did not improve. Then, 5 weeks ago, she finally told me to not let him trot and keep is walks to 10-15 minutes. Still things didn't greatly improve. He doesn't limp much in the house anymore, only here and there, and I've slowly increased the length of the walks to 20 minutes over the course of 2 weeks as per the PT's instructions, but every now and then I still see a limp. This is making me crazy--the poor dog can't go with the dog walker b/c the walks are 45 minutes, meaning he never sees other dogs anymore, and the walks I give him have to be short, and he can't run zoomies etc etc. He's not complaining, but I can tell sometimes he's itching to run. I'm just wondering: is this normal for muscle injuries to take THIS long (I know they're slow, but this slow?)? I put heating pads on him, and massage him, etc, but I'm just confused. Do I just need to be patient?

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Conner's shoulder injury isn't in the muscle, it's the triceps tendon, and vet says some of these can take up to a year to fully heal. Actually, in his case, it never really will be 100% because of other issues, but he is 11.5.


If you haven't gotten x-rays, I would, just to be sure.

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