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Otc Diarrhea Meds To Go With Worm Treatment?

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I have a foster that we suspect has worms. She had them when she came to the group and has been treated twice so far. Stool sample went in for testing today, but we can't get a vet appointment until Friday. Since she's new to me, the vet won't prescribe any meds until he sees her.


In the meantime, she has mucous-y diarrhea. Is there anything OTC that I can give to help that?



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I have used pumpkin too, there are dog food companies that sell a canned food that is formulated for that with pumpkin in it, beet pulp, I have used pepto bismol tablets before too.

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I usually keep a supply of metronidazole on hand just for these ocurences. I have never had the vet say no to prescribing a 10 day supply to keep on hand.


I don't use OTC stuff like Immodium etc simply because whatever is in there inflaming the tummy needs to come out. Pepto is fine, but the stool may become very black. If you take a sample in to the vet, be sure they know if Pepto was given.


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