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Joy Overindulged In Treats

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My silly girl, Joy, got a hold of a bag of dog treats. It was my fault that she got them. The treats are vanilla yogurt shaped into balls (sort of like chocolate malt balls) and there probably no more than 18 or so balls left in the package. I doubt there should be a problem but was wondering if I should even remotely be concerned. She's not getting supper tonight but I will be giving her a little pumpkin and rice just in case.


I'm more upset because these treats are delicious and I like to eat them too. :hehe

Carol, missing Magic (1/5/01 - 4/15/15) but welcoming Fuzzy's Joy Behar (Joy) into my life on 5/31/15.

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Guest Memphsmom

Memphis has stolen and eaten things I shutter to think about, usually without any ill effects, so hopefully your girl will suffer no more then a guilty conscience ( if that).

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Oh, mine have stolen much worse than that (of course, I did get their stomachs pumped when they stole the cocoa-covered cacao beans).


Expect up to 3 days of gastro-intestinal upset (diarrhea, gurgly tummies, etc). Bland food may be needed, but in my house, only a Pepcid OR GasX is required (my girlie would need Pepcid, and I would already have the gasX in my boy's tummy). Don't use something that you don't already use though -- you may not notice ANY changes.


It took my hounds several teaching moments like this one before I realized that they could open lower cabinets (and Baby can unscrew plastic jar lids ... and loves to demonstrate on the peanut butter). All treats go into zipped bags above the refrigerator or in upper cabinets in my house, and my pups love to laugh at me when I forget. See what great teachers these greyhounds are? :hehe

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Over the years I came to realize that greyhounds never get sick on things they managed to requirer ;-)


Dog treats, a plate full of pancakes, half a cheesecake, chocolate, bread...

Sorry for butchering the english language. I try to keep the mistakes to a minimum.


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As long as all the ingredients were OK - no xilotol or fake sweeteners - she might have amlittle diarrhea or upset but nothing too bad. Just watch her for the next 12 hours or so.

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