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Sore Paws

Guest Echelonvicky

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Guest Echelonvicky

Hi there, I'm new to the greyhound world but hooked! I have just adopted a 5 year old greyhound called Elvis! He is amazing, an ex racer with one eye so he has some challenges. My worry is though that he has sore paws. He has what I can only describe as a puncture mark on two of his paws which makes him limp. I went to my vet who gave him some anti inflamitory meds which help and I am bathing his paws in salt water every day. When he first started to limp we managed to remove from one paw a small shard of either sand or pebble but the back paw has a larger mark and is solid. He has not yet been neutered due to lung worm and our vet wants to try to remove whatever is in the front paw whilst under anesthetiser. He can't be neutered until end of July and I'm worried how much harm these are doing. Any ideas guys? Thank you.

Ps, sorry about my profile, can't yet work out how to change it.

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Welcome and congratulations on having Elvis in the house! We need pictures of him, please!


Could you post pictures of the sores on his paws, please? That might help a lot. It almost sounds like you are describing a corn, I don't have any experience with those, but lots of people here do. You can also search for the threads on corns here, too.

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Yup, sounds like a corn. There are lots of people here who have had to deal with those and can provide advice. Definitely post some pictures to confirm.


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Here's a good website about corns in greyhounds that includes pics so you can see if this is what you're dealing with. Vets who aren't familiar with greyhounds often don't know about corns as they are rare in other breeds.



And this page is linked from the article above and shows the procedure to remove a corn. If what your dog has looks like this, you may want to print this out, or direct your vet to these links:


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