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Eating Like A Pig All Of A Sudden

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Ruby has had issues with food as long as we've had her. She usually turns her nose up at breakfast and sometimes just eats a portion of dinner. We have tried different foods, toppers, etc. She is also extremely skinny and has lost a bunch of weight in the last few years.

We went away for 2 weeks and left her at the kennel. The keeper said she ate well, but I could see another rib when she came home. At that point, all ribs were showing clearly. There are huge fields for her to run in and several other greys to play with, so we were not surprised she lost more weight.

Since she has been home, a little over a week, she has eaten every bite of kibble she is given, 2 good sized snacks a day, and cheese or popcorn here and there. She starts eating before I get the food all the way poured into the bowl, like she is starving. She has also started drinking water like a camel, with no extra peeing.

She looks like she has gained a couple of lbs. back already, but this is just really abnormal behavior for her.

What do you all think ? Should I be concerned or just enjoy the extra lbs. she is gaining ? What about the water consumption ? Diabetes ?



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If she's eating a lot of dry food, she NEEDS a lot of water.

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Who knows, it could be from her active stay at the kennel and as ppl mentioned eating the extra kibble. Charlie always ate well, was in the hospital in Feb 2x and had an operation 1st week in March. He had dropped a lot of weight and ever since has been a pig! I caught him eating the rest of his sisters food the other day and he NEVER did that! He never went to her bowl. He has put on some of the weight he lost but is at a good weight now. Keep us informed on Ruby but thankfully it doesn't seem like anything to worry about. Just keep an eye on her as I know you will.

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