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  1. i feed a raw diet but you can check out ratings at dogaware.com and dogfoodadvisor.com
  2. Hi LaFlaca I've been making bone broth for about a year now. The recipe says share it with your dog but i haven't, yet anyhow. :-) Super healthy! I make it and after it is cooled i put it in ice cube trays so i have it handy. I give it weekly, sometimes more. i found the recipe online. i buy Organic chicken backs but you can use all kinds of bones. I use about 2lbs for the size of my crock pot. Cover it with water about 2 inches above the bones, add 2-3 tablespoons of "Mothers" Apple Cider vinegar. Cook for approx 24hrs. Cool, strain. I save the meat for a topper. This last batch I added 1 clove garlic near the end which i discarded after it was cooked. Garlic in that low amount does not hurt a dog.
  3. Please try another food besides Science Diet, although many Vets promote it, it is FULL of corn glutens etc.
  4. TYPO Have collars OFF in the crate not ON sheesh
  5. The ingredients look good to me but i feed raw. I just wonder if all that good stuff is still there after being processed. Still looks better than some food i've seen!
  6. Sorry you are in this position, poor you and the poor dog! It has already been suggested about supplements you might suggest. You could perhaps tell them it has worked for your dog. I hope they listen. <3
  7. I adopted Charlie because he was so afraid of everything. I was staff at the shelter he was at. He has been with us for 4 plus yrs and no separation anxiety at all. I did have a German Shepherd and they got along great. She passed at almost 14 yrs old this past Nov. Charlie missed her i knew because he wouldn't sleep in the room for one month that they shared. He is ok now I am a dog walker so i am back and forth and he isn't home alone more than 2-3 hrs day, not sure if that's why but he is always asleep when i come home, i don't crate him btw. If you do, please have no collars on in the crate. Best of luck!!
  8. i subscribe to a Turmeric magazine for my self. I use it for its anti inflammatory properties but it is good in protecting your skin from sunburns it states. I will post this to my Greyhound group as i know some worry about the effects of the sun on their Greyhounds who have little hair on their belly like Charlie. http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/turmeric-dogs/
  9. I knew i could come here and get info! Thanks to everyone as i was a little concerned over Charlies belly turning much darker. I will be getting some safe (no zinc) sunscreen online as i can't find it anywhere, not even Whole Foods.
  10. thank you terri-d and ramonaghan for posting his pic better than i could! lol
  11. I forget how to put up pictures here! If this doesn't work i will be back! We adore this pup! XO He is doing Greyt a year after heart surgery :-)
  12. I forget how to put up pictures here! If this doesn't work i will be back! We adore this pup! XO He is doing Greyt a year after heart surgery :-)
  13. i have on also, love it! Looks good to me, good job. You should be able to fit two fingers between harness and dog
  14. i did know that also but then i worked in pet food/supply industry for so long. Point being that it is far to misleading by the manufacturers.
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