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Post-Dental Surgery Problems

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Last year I posted that I had an older dog with a level 4-5 heart murmur requiring dental surgery. I received a great response and advice from many for which I am very grateful.


The surgery did take place on Oct 15 last year (many months ago) with a dental specialist and board certified anaesthetist, but unfortunately with complications. She had adverse reactions to the drugs used and had to stay overnight which was not in our plans. And then an infection on the outside of one side of her face and burst (this happened two times and seemed to have settled after the second time). They had left a chip or something in her mouth during surgery, which may have been the cause. They wanted to put her under again to explore(?) but she was in no condition to through that again so soon. She reacts badly to many drugs.


She has no teeth now as they removed the remaining two on either side of her mouth and the four canines. There is also a dark saliva stain all around her mouth.


Her mouth is still very tender on both sides and front after all these months so one of the concerns is that she is not eating enough and starting to lose weight. The question is -- has anyone else had a hound that has suffered discomfort after many months after dental surgery?


(Thank you Tracy for your continued advice for many many months.)

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No experience with this. Just wanted to send good thoughts for her recovery.

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Thank you both for your kind replies. So glad Charlie is doing so wwell -- I have been following your thread -- what a struggle you had. These animals are so precious.


I am hoping someone might have some suggestions for us and this sore mouth -- the dentist is not suggesting anything?

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CUPS (stomatitis)?


Has bloodwork been done recently to check kidney function?


Hugs and hopes your pupper's mouth starts feeling better.

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In addiiton to her post surgery problems, my girl has been coughing all night (hacking). I am concerned it could be relative to her heart murmur? Am trying to see a vet who has been recommended to us.


I know there are quite a few reasons for coughing/gagging.

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