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Ivermectin Resistant Hw

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Our secondary vet (5 blocks away) is where I take Barkley for anal glad expression, minor problems and second opinions. My neighbors were in there today with their boxer and saw the sign in the exam room that I noticed earlier this month. It said that HWs in Texas and the Southeast were becoming Ivermectin resistant and to ask about alternative treatments. I blew it off meaning to as Dr. Josh next time I was in there.


The neighbors heard a desk person on the phone telling someone that the only thing that really works on resistant fleas is a combination heartworm/flea pill that is only available to vets and imported from Great Britain. This sounds highly unusual to me. I can buy into resistance, but only one thing works? Does anyone know what this drug from the U.K. is? Just curious.


My bad - I had a brain fart while typing and typed fleas. I meant HWs.

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Guest Greyt_dog_lover

Odd, I thought ivermectic was the active ingredient in heartworm medication, and has nothing to do with flea repelling. I give Ivermectin liquid (calf worming medicine) as a monthly hearworm preventative for my hounds.

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Heartworms are getting resistant to ivermectin in the mid-south region. I think some of the farms are starting to alternate ivermectin with another drug (can't remember the name) every other week.

Ivermectin shouldn't have anything to do with fleas though I don't think?

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Guest KennelMom

ivermectin doesn't repel fleas. It's for preventing heartworm, which comes from mosquitos.

I have heard of heartworm becoming resistant to ivermectin but only in online forums. Our vets haven't said anything to us specifically about it. We're in SC.

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From skimming the articles: It appears that monthly use of Ivermectin as a preventative still works to prevent heartworms. The issue arises when a dose or two get missed and a dog contracts heartworms. Ivermectin is not an effective treatment once infected. It is still an effective monthly preventative as long as no doses are skipped. There is a little more info in the articles indicating that actual treatment must be aggressive, not slow as some vets have been doing.


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Heartworm resistance has been documented in recent years, but I believe most of it has been in the Mississippi River Valley. I haven't seen or heard of it here in SC, and haven't heard of it in TX either. One study showed that Advantage Multi worked better for at least one particular strain of resistant HW, but I take that study with a grain of salt because it was sponsored by Bayer (the company that makes Advantage Multi). I have no idea what the product from Great Britain is.

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