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I think it depends a bit on the individual hound's physiology, like us some feel the cold more than others. Also on what they're doing - they may not need a coat if they're outdoors running around, but if you're walking them on the lead or keeping them standing round in the cold at a meet and greet, say, then yes they probably will!


I also note that my Doc feels the cold much more now that he is an old boy (13+) with less muscle mass. I put on his coat out of doors if the temperature goes down below 10 centigrade, or above that if there is a chilly wind. He also likes to wear a housecoat at night after the heating goes off!

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Some hate them, some never want to take them off.


When we lived in IL Rocket would happily wear his coat or pajamas, but was also just as eager to go outside without a coat in cold weather. I usually made him wear a fleece coat anytime the temps went below 40 if we went out. Colder temps = heavier coat and maybe a snood.


In the house we found that he was much less restless at night if he had on a light housecoat or pajamas. When he didn't wear them he would constantly be up changing position and nesting.


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Guest AimeeBee

Depending on the activity/temperature and the individual dog's tolerance it may or may not be as important. Usually once it dips to the mid-40's/50s George gets a fleece coat put on and as the temperature goes lower we use a heavier jacket (or start layering, like during the past winter's really bad cold snap).


Like Time4ANap mentions -- I find that if mine has a light coat/pajamas on at night he is less restless and there isn't as much rustling around/nesting.

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It's important if your dog is cold, and there are many factors to consider. The particular dog. The outdoor temp. Whether it's sunny or cloudy. Whether it's windy or not. How highf/low the humidity/dew point are.


A good indication that a coat is needed is if your hound shivers. If s/he's in a coat and starts to pant, then s/he's too hot. :)


It was 30 degrees here today and cloudy with a strong. It was cold. Annie was dressed in her new single-fleece coat, and I put the snood on her too, rolling it down to cover just her neck. In less than a block, she was panting so I took off the snood and she was fine.

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I have 2 that will not do anything if I put a coat on them so I just let them in the backyard for no more than a couple of minutes.

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