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Ravi Seems To Be Going Downhill

Guest Ravi

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Ravi is 11 1/2 years old, with an old rear leg broken hock racing injury. He's always had a limp, but over past 8 months the limp has worsened. Painful and slow going up and down stairs, rear end slowly sinking down to ground when standing, dragging rear toes when walking (tops of toes drag), occasional bowel loss of control when asleep, poor balance during car rides, loss of muscle mass in rear legs. Ravi is sleeping more and more. He seems confused at times, e.g. bumping into the sliding glass door. (Eyes are aging but no cataracts).


He has been on meloxicam for 7 plus months, with gabapentine added 1 month ago. Then tramadol was added a few days ago. Now Ravi is eating 0-30% of his meals over past week. Even with goodies added, like canned food, chicken juice, etc. I wonder if the meds are causing GI upset.


Ravi is still happy and loves his walks, but can only tolerate 10 minutes, otherwise toes drag and his bottom starts sinking, and he even struggles to cross a door threshold.


He's my first greyhound, and the biggest sweetheart. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks!



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Try lots of small meals. And let him eat lying down if he wants. It's probably getting hard for him to stand up long enough to eat a big meal.


Watch for places in the house where he'll need extra footing: you can use rubber-backed bathmats to give him extra traction in places where he has to navigate corners on slippery floors.


If you're feeding kibble, grind it or soak it until it's soft enough to just lap up. I had an old boy who wasn't interested in chewing food for several months, but he'd lap up crumbs mixed with yogurt or oatmeal or rice.


Talk to your vet about meds that might stimulate his appetite. Also, try adding Ensure (vanilla). Try to increase his calorie count, but be careful not to throw him into pancreatitis or diarrhea by giving him foods with too much fat.


Try a hammock in the car: he can lie down and not need to worry about his balance.

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Thanks for all the replies. Yes, the vet said that the toes under indicates nerve involvement -- she said it might be a cauda equina issue. Ravi's bloodwork from last month came back normal. Arthritis is assumed, given his racing injury.


I didn't think this would work, but I gave Ravi his breakfast outside like usual (he didn't take a bite) then put it beside his bed when he lay down. Gentleman that he is, he looked surprised, then slowly ate it all!

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