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Does Dr. Cueto Consult On Non-Sighthounds?

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(Jeff, feel free to move this to Off-Topic if appropriate.)


Our neighbor received a tentative diagnosis of osteo in her 6-year-old Rottweiler. (Apparently, osteo diagnoses are about as common in rotties as in greys.) she's applied for a clinical trial at Penn, but hasn't heard back. I've read numerous threads here where posters suggest sending the test results to Dr. Cuoto forr a second opinion and consult. Does he do this for non-sighthounds? If so, what's the procedure/cost?


If this is not possible, our neighbor will explore other avenues, but I offered to check.



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I couldn't imagine why he wouldn't. It's not like he'd be doing it for free like he used to do for greyhounds. A bone is a bone and osteo is osteo no matter what the breed. I think as long as the consultation fee is paid he would give an opinion.

If I remember correctly from what has been posted the fee is $125 for the consult.

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Yup to both of the above.

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