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Help! No Appetite On Antibiotics

Guest DeniseL

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Guest DeniseL

Help! Izzy has been on Cephalexin 3 times since we have brought her home. Each time she loses her appetite after the 3rd or 4th day. She is about 7 days in this time and she has almost completely stopped eating. She is not much of an eater in general and I struggle to keep weight on her. Her wounds are pretty much scabbed over and seem clean to me...but I'm scared to stop the antibiotics. Her vet offered to give me something different for her, but she seems so sensitive to antibiotics, I would hate to add a new uncertain one while her tummy is already messed up. Next time we will just start with something new...


Any suggestions? Something really yummy? She won't go near her kibble or wet food, no yogurt, no eggs, she is super picky, still eats treats, though. Maybe some chicken? I though of trying the sardines, but she turns her nose up at salmon oil, so I figured she wouldn't like fish. Or should I just stop the antibiotic?


I hate not seeing her eat while she is still so skinny...If she loses any more, we will be back where we started after her trip from Spain.

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1. Give one regular Pepcid (10mg famotidine). You can give 2 or 3 (20-30mg) a day.

2. Wait 30-40 minutes.

3. Feed meal or substantial snack (substantial = slice of bread, hardboiled egg, 1/3-1/2 cup of kibble).

4. Right after meal, give the antibiotic.



It might be worth switching antibiotics. Cephalexin really does a number on some pups where e.g. Clavamox does not. YMMV.

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I was recently on that same antibiotic, and also ate very little. I just felt sick ll the time. I made it to day eight and gave up.

You don't want to give the antibiotic on an empty stomach, do try some of the suggestions above. Have you tried tuna or chicken in a can? Smelly cat food? Keep track of which antibiotics to avoid. Good luck!

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