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Poo Issues (One Of Our Favs, I Know)

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Desi has ongoing poo issues. He'll be fine.....then about once every 6 weeks or so he'll come down with soft poo

progressing to pudding poo, progressing to a muddy river spew. I've never been able to find any trigger for this,

no food change, different treats, etc. Fecals w/gram stain always clear. Other dog in household never has any

problems, so I'm thinking this is just how he is. Problem is, it's hard to pull him out of it once it starts. He's on a

probiotic daily and when this hits we add the probiotic paste & usually I wind up doing a diphenoxylate for a day

or so before he "snaps out of it."


At this point, I'm considering Tylan powder. My vet is not opposed. I know there are houndies here that have/are

using it. I'm looking for opinions, good or bad. We've wrestled with this for all his life with me (4 yrs),

Do you use it consistently? Or just when the issue flares? I'm finding no reports of ill-effects from long term use.+

All comments sincerely appreciated.


BTW.......Happy Holidays to all...........Kathy,Desi,Skeeter

Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.

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Guest sireltonsmom

I've only used it when occasional issues happen. I know friends who've used it on a regular basis - it has no side effects. You might want to see if you can get some empty capsules at a health store to fill as it doesn't taste good. You only use a little bit so it will last a long time. Good luck - nasty poo is not fun for any of you!



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Aww, Desi. Segugio was on Tylan powder for +/- two years and did terrific on it. No side effects for him, just good poo. I put his dose in plain capsules and he would eat them right up in his noms.

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Our vet says that Tylan has fallen out of favor due to side effects. She didn't go into great detail when I asked, but doesn't want me to put Rocket on it unless it's a last resort. i think we are going to have that conversation again on the next visit, since Metonidazole really didn't do much for him this time.


We have the same deal here. Everything will be fine for months, then out of nowhere it takes weeks to get him back to normal. He hates the Rx food that they want him to eat, so we have gone to a "senior" kibble that he's done well on for months, but we still get these "cycles" that we can't seem to get out of.


For bland diet when this happens, I have been feeding the Evanger's Organic Canned Chicken along with mushy cooked rice. The Evanger's is about half the price of the Rx food, and it seems to work. It also beats cooking chicken every 2 days.


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Lexie was on tylan powder daily for 4 years. She never had any side effects and all her bloodwork was always normal. The last two years since we finally found a food that agrees with her, I no longer have to give her the powder. Once in awhile when she goes to a kennel for a week she will get runny poo. I just give her the tylan powder for a few days. You should notice a difference within a day or two. My vet suggests this mixture which is what I used.

Take 1 TBSP of tylan powder and mix with 9 TBSP of cornstarch. The dose for the dog would then be 1/2-1 tsp of the mixture once or twice a day depending how you feed. I always mixed it in her applesauce then on her dry food. Interesting how each vet has a different opinion. My vet said there was no long term effects using that dose. Lexie eats precise foundation chicken and rice.

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