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Getting My Kiddo To Play With Toys

Guest jmparkins4387

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Guest jmparkins4387

Hi all!


I've got a 5 year old male greyhound who I adopted 2 years ago yesterday. He's a pretty great boy, very quiet and sweet, loves other dogs and people, a bit clumsy, the usual. One thing I would like to work on with him is getting him to play with toys again. When I first brought him home, we had some toys for him and he would play with them a little and seemed to have a grand old time with them when he did, but then he got into my yarn (I'm a crocheter). He came running into the room with a big yarn ball in his mouth looking like it was the greatest day of his life, and I instinctively yelled NO! and took it from him. I don't think I've seen him pick up a single toy since. He'll chew rawhides and bully sticks, but no toys. Not plush or rubber or rope. I was hoping eventually the aversion would fade, but after almost 2 years, it looks like it's stuck.


I feel like toys are a great way for him to amuse himself, play with me and others, burn energy, and otherwise increase his quality of life, but whenever I've tried to get him excited about toys, he gets shy and avoids.


Has anybody else had this problem? Any advice to overcome it?


Thanks a lot!



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Have you tried taking him outside and throwing a toy to see if he'll chase after it? Sounds like he responds very well to correction, maybe to well. :lol

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Guest Clawsandpaws

Some of these greys are SO sensitive. Just now I was trying to take a picture of Dudley and he could tell I was frustrated, he ran straight to the couch to hide behind his daddy! As if I would ever do anything to him! He is a drama king.


I would just start tossing stuffies around too, make a big fun hoopla out of it (not too loud, or scary!) just throw them around saying "good boy!" "Yay!" and making a general fool out of yourself like many of us do :)


I hope there are others on with more advice, good luck!

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