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Os In Toe? Is It Possible?

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Have any of you guys ever heard of, or had experience, with OS in toes? Sarge has a swollen rear toe that doesn't seem to bother him in the least bit, but I'm sure you know the sinking feeling, especially when I lost Remy to OS just 3 months ago... I'm paranoid... I felt around the swelling and it doesn't seem to me to be soft tissue swelling.... there is no loose/extra skin, or mooshy gooey pocket, if it was a soft tissue injury... the bone itself seems bigger than the other toes... this appeared suddenly, out of nowhere.... DBF said he was running around in the yard yesterday, but I would think it would cause him pain if he sprained it, dislocated it, or injured it in some way, and it's worrysome that it isn't............. (sorry no pic... I will see if I can load one tonite if I can get a good pic of it)


Am I being a freak? I am trying to wait and see if it goes down on its own in a couple of days, since it's not bothering him otherwise...

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Picture would help :) .


Osteo can occur in toes but it isn't common. Most likely, especially since it isn't bothering him, is an old injury that's calcified. You might try wiggling that toe a little to make sure it isn't dislocated or sore when manipulated (have somebody hold his head or pop his muzzle on before ou do this). If he kinda/sorta reinjured it running in the yard, it might be mildly sore but not enough to bother him, and mildly swollen but not enough to feel squooshy.

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Many greyhounds, including one of my own, have permanently dislocated toes that don't cause them any pain. The knuckle of her dislocated toe is about twice as big as the normal toes. She runs and plays just like before it happened with no problems. I did try to re-locate it again right after it happened, but that didn't go well, so I just left it. And surgery isn't really an option (unless I was going to amp the toe).

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This past summer Cosmo had a very swollen toe. Antibiotics for several weeks resolved the issue for a couple months. Toe started to swell again so we ended up amputating the toe. We were told that while rare, osteo can occur in the toe so we sent it off to the lab to rule out osteo.

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