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  1. i usually buy chicken hearts, necks, and gizzards from regular supermarkets, but i'm more concerned about the ground mixes i get up here in Massapequa that come with green tripe already mixed in... it is strictly sold as dog food, not human grade... i was hoping to find similar supplier down there... we don't buy the freeze-dried raw from pet stores...
  2. Hi y'all. We are moving to south Florida, specifically W Boca. Does anyone buy raw dog food in this vicinity? I would love to buy from a trusted supplier. Actually, have the same question about grey savvy vet in the same area. Any referrals?
  3. My grey is also with 24PetWatch. His premium went up 12% the first year (2018), and 22% this year. My beagle/basset mix is with FIGO Pet Insurance. His premium went up 49% last year. I don't know what it will go up when it renews in Oct this year.. but i like this company much better than 24PetWatch.
  4. Has anyone ever heard of saltwater poisoning? I had no idea... check out this article and video... devastating... https://blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com/gfl-dog-saltwater-poisoning/
  5. my beagle/basset has the same "broken" tail... it's stuck in the ON position... OMG that grey muzzle...
  6. I can't wait to see new pics of Cletus and the Campers!!! And it'll be Cletus' and Aiden's gotcha day, on the same day!!! YAY!!! want to see loads of pics!! I wish i could be there to welcome Cletus to heaven on Earth... i adore grey muzzles!!! they are THE BEST!!!
  7. I broke that rule too (a beagle/basset former hunting dog from GA)... though, next time it's back to houndies, fur sure...
  8. using the VOICE OF GOD, scream at the oncoming dog: "NO!! HEEEEYYYYY!!! STOP!!!!" make sure he knows you will defend yourself and your pup, and will not allow him to get anywhere near the two of you... I HATE loose dogs... i don't care how "friendly" they are!
  9. Adequan shots and acupuncture helped my 13 y/o girl for about 8 months...
  10. watch PET FOOLED on Netflix... it might open your eyes to the pet food industry... and change what you feed them... in effect, making your pup greytful and healthier...
  11. check out this article of a woman who made a dummy to keep her SA pup company... it worked! this is another option to consider among the others out there... this is the second time i've see the dummy as company for SA pups, and it seems to help a lot https://www.thedodo.com/close-to-home/woman-makes-dummy-of-herself-for-anxious-dog
  12. the GSD is NOT FAT! but the greyhounds sure are LONELY!
  13. oh no... you mean hunters have the heart for a pet, but not for the "hunting dogs?" so sad
  14. this german shep is obviously over the moon to see his human again.... https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/animals/dog-cries-out-in-happiness-after-being-apart-from-owner-for-months/vi-BBVfpCx but i am concerned about the greyhounds in the outdoor kennel to the left? they don't belong outside, and this looks like a permanent kennel... there is a hole cut out of some wood, for the door... looks like it takes place in UK... does someone have any idea what that is about?
  15. i thought it was impossible to adopt an intact houndie ... don't they all come fixed when adopted out?
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