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Dry Eye

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Does anyone else have a dog with dry eye? I'm wondering how common it is in greyhounds. Last month we adopted Dee. She has dry eye and has had surgery to reroute her saliva to her tear ducts. When she eats and salivates it moistens her eyes. When she eats her meals her eyes get so wet that the saliva runs out of her eyes and it looks like she's crying. Because the fluid is different she gets 3 eyedrops a day plus eye gel 3 times a day. Occasionally when her eyes have mucous in them she gets an additional eye drop plus an eye wash. She needs treats throughout the day to keep her eyes moist. I also give her a small treat with each eye drop to make it a positive experience.


I keep finding dogs with different problems. Tipper was diabetic and I gave her insulin shots twice a day. Susie had kidney disease and we gave her sub-Q fluid treatments 3 times a week. Tucker has Pannus so he gets an eye drop every other day. Darren was born with a birth deformity in his front legs but he doesn't require any special care. He just walks and runs funny.


I love my special needs dogs!

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Guest IrskasMom

You are truly an Angel for this special Needs Dogs. Thank you so very much for what you are doing. :)



Wanted to add, my Morty has Chronic Arteric Uvietis only in his right Eye and I give him Drops once a Day . He comes by himself if he sees I have the Drops Bottle in my Hand.

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When I was in MN, one of the people who looked at/admired Dane said that he had dry eyes (this guy said he works with eyeballs, and he was a fan of houndies) and reccomended some particular eyedrops for him and was like 'Does he usually have dry eyes?' and I said "well we live in a desert :lol "

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Guest Kensangel1996

When we adopted our greyhound she had two healthy beautiful eyes. Very quickly things changed. One eye is prefectly healthy but makes no tear production and the other eye is so severely scared they mentioned duing the surgery to move the salavary gland to help with wetting her eye but the condition of the eye is so sever that they advised in the future will we need to just remove the eye when it becomes to bothersome for her. Before this we had nevere heard of such a surgery - and would have proceeded that way if it would have help her. Lots of extra treats with all the eye meds she gets all day... She is such a gentle, loving greyhound. Wouldn't change her for the world.


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Well I learn something new every day...had no idea they could do that!


It does sound like something that, once you get used to managing it, is not a huge deal. But there are many out there that would not be able to handle it all.


I love special needs dogs. Most of mine have been medical, but, my current guy is behavioral. I have zero issues with him and he goes everywhere with me, but, he does need a quiet and dog-savvy home. I can see how, in a chaotic household, he would have issues.

I use Restasis for my dry eyes...curious if maybe it could be prescribed for dogs.

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