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I just noticed Silver scratching at his eyes and the area around them is puffy. I'm wondering if he's having an allergy isssue. My vet is closed and I'm wondering if I can give him a benadryl. Seems like I remember giving it to my first greyhound for something. Thanks.

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Depending on your dog's weight you can give two every 4-6 hours. I give it to my dogs for thunder and car rides. Once weighs 73 the other 83 lbs.

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You can give a regular benedryl, just nothing with a decongestant. It may well be allergies, but be careful of corneal ulcers. Joe had itchy eye earlier this year, and I'm still not sure if the scratching caused the ulcer or the ulcer caused the scratching. Wrap Silver's dewclaws to prevent damage to the eyes when he scratches.

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Fred suffers from itchy lips and eyes. He weighs 78 pounds. His vet prescribed 75 mg. of Benadryl twice daily, which is three caps, higher than the adult human dose. That worried me, so I looked on the internet, and the dosage was confirmed. 1 mg./pound, twice daily.


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You can also give Claritan for allergies, and as mentioned above, be sure it is without the "D" (decongestant).


I gave Benedryl before trying Claritan, and while it worked, it also seemed to dry the dog out. I think Greys tend to have a dry mouth anyways, and I noticed while on Benadryl, my girls mouth became drier, and more tacky. Benedryl dries me out too when I take it, so if it's just being used for allergies and not for the sleep effect, give Claritan a try. I buy my grocery store brand of generic Loratadine....works great, and only needs to be given once a day.



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