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  1. Yes...canine chiros are awesome! My girls get adjusted every three months on average, more if warranted. Their whole demeanor changes after adjustments. They are happier, bouncier, and more alert. They have been getting adjustments for a couple years now. Our canine chiro is also a Reiki Master
  2. Yes. My Greyhound, and Greyhound/Borzoi/Wolfhound mix both have back and neck issues. My mix girl is mostly neck and middle back, and my Grey has sciatica in her left hip, and a compressed disk in the upper part of her back.. Both are regularly managed with chiropractic adjustments which have worked wonders for them. I try to get them in every 2-3 months, but if either exhibit any signs of discomfort, they get in sooner. I had x-rays done on my grey before starting chiro treatments, and was armed with films at their appt. I was totally amazed when the chiro felt exactly where the problem
  3. My fuzzy girlie has trouble with chicken and fish, and I was finding that even though a lot of foods are not chicken based, they still contain some chicken products further down in the ingredient list. I finally settled on Merrick Texas Beef Grain Free and both girls are doing great on it. They have no itchies now, better coats, cleaner ears, and above all, no anal gland issues which they were both having on fish based kibble.
  4. My girls ears were quite "greasy" while being fed chicken based, grain free food from Holistic Select. I switched to Merrick Grain Free Texas Beef, and what a difference! I think her dirty ears were diet related.
  5. Our first grey was painfully shy, and it took over a year for us to be able to get close to her, and even then, it was on her terms. She would get very uncomfortable if her space was invaded, or it she was pet too roughly. Her triggers were if she was leaned over, hugged too tight, or "pat" (not pet) very heavily. I had to often tell people to please not pat my dog hard enough for it to sound like a thump on their bodies. My prother especially, who was used to petting rotties, would thump my girls side without even giving it much thought, and it would set her off. So perhaps this guy w
  6. My Grey had constant anal gland issues for the longest time too, and I simply "stumbled" onto what the problem was. We fed taste of the Wild Pacific Stream for a long time until the salmonella recall a couple summers back. While Taste of the Wild is a great food to feed, I refused to go back to it only because it is manufacturd in Diamond facilities (which I have lost faith in - too many recalls). Anal gland issues stopped as soon as I stopped the fish based kibble. I then figured that because she was not getting any fish oil in her kibble, I would supplement with plain salmon oil, and
  7. Springtime Fresh Factors, Springtime Joint Health, Red Krill Oil (Tessie is allergic to fish oil), and Vitamin E as recommended by their canine chiropractor.
  8. My Tessie was a nightmare when we first got her and tried to do nails. I took her to a local groomer who started by putting her into the tub. While I sprayed water on her back feet alternately, the groomer would cut her front toes. Then we would switch and do the same for the back feet. Over time, she became so accustomed to it, that she would hop into the tub on her own for the routine each time we went. She eventually worked up to being trimmed while just standing on the floor while I hugged her during the trim. Took a while, but she is much better now. The reason for the water in
  9. I read more than I post here these days, but have first hand experience with my Kare Bear and a chiro. Over a year ago now, Karey slipped while running in the yard, and afterwards was reluctant to do stairs or the couches any more. A trip to the vet and a full set of x-rays resulted in a diagnosis of a vertabrae which looked a little closer than it should be to another about half way down her back. Rimadyl for 10 days and she was better, but never "best" again. It was then that someone I know recommended an animal chiro for her. Armed with the x-ray information at her first appointment
  10. What about Red Krill? Anyone use this rather than fish oil for their pups? I myself replaced fish oil with red krill and I absolutely love it! It has taken away almost all of the aches in my joints which the fish oil did not touch. Was wondering if it would safely do the same for my pups.
  11. Perhaps a ray of hope on the horizon for fighting cancer? This article was in our local Buffalo News this past week. One can only hope, that with so many searching for cures, someone has to come up successful. If this works, it may even stretch to veterinary uses according to the article. http://www.buffalonews.com/life-arts/when-cancer-cant-escape-20131007
  12. My girls had been on Interceptor for years until it was discontinued. They are now on Heartguard Plus, and I swear it knocks them off their feet for even longer than the Interceptor did. When I brought it up to our vet, he kind of looked at me like I had three eyes, and said he is not aware of any reactions to it. I know my dogs well enough to know that when they seem more lethargic, refuse to eat, and are just sorta blah, something is bugging them. This is worst for the first two days after dosing, but typically lasts for 3-4 days overall. It breaks my heart to have to give them any of t
  13. Knee hi's make a great addition to a first aid kit. They are very small and scrunchable, and all you have to do it cut off the foot and they make a great ear immobilizer for keeping ears tight to the head when needed, without being overly tight.
  14. One of my girls cannot take fish supplements, nor any food with fish in it as it makes her itch. I never noticed that was the culprit until the TOW recall last year. They were both eating Pacific Stream, and I thought they were doing so good on it, but when I stopped feeding it, her itchies stopped. She doesn't shake her ears anymore, scratch at herself, and her anal glands even cleared up. I used to have them done twice a year for her. I just assumed fish oil was good for all, but seems it's not so on her case. Just in case it was just the food, I started her on the Grizzly salmon oi
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