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For Those Of You Who Feed Acana Or Orijen

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Because Champion Foods, which produces Orijen and Acana is located in Alberta, I e-mailed them to ask if any of their "human quality" beef came from XL Foods. Here is their response:


We do not purchase any product from XL Foods, so the beef recall from this company does not affect our ingredient supply.


Our Quality Assurance department follows protocols for testing from the time ingredients enter our plant, through production, and packaging.Once the food is released to the warehouse it goes into a Quality Assurance Hold area. Our Quality Assurance technicians sample the product and send it to a Government Certified Laboratory for Microbiological testing. Every sample is tested for known pathogens: Salmonella, Listeria, Clostridium, and Enterobacteriaceae which includes E. Coli and other Coliforms.


All of our finished kibble is held before shipping in order to have Nutritional testing as well. No product is shipped until all of our tests come back clear.

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to write back.


I have no affiliation or association with Champion, and in fact each of my 3 eats different food based on their specific needs, but Jeff eats Ranchlands, hence my concern.


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Thanks Mary...I had to buy Orijen when we were in Dewey since we ran out and I was pleased to see a brand made in Canada. It's a relief to read this.

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Guest Celestrina

When I saw the title I got nervous. We recently started Angie on Ranchlands. It is working really well for her; her poop has never been so firm.

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We've been feeding Acana Wild Prairie for about a year now and Bella's doing greyt on it - firm poops, very little gas, shiny coat, healthy, energetic, greyt weight. I like their processes and approach and how they source their ingredients, and really couldn't be happier with this food.


I accidentally ordered the fish-based food once and never again - bad poops, horrible gas, dandruff - guess the fish just didn't work for Bella :)

Dave (GLS DeviousDavid) - 6/27/18
Gracie (AMF Saying Grace) - 10/21/12
Bella (KT Britta) - 4/29/05 to 2/13/20



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