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Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (Epi)—Also Known As Maldigestion

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One of our greyhounds was DX with this Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI)—also known as maldigestion last week. It is a very scary problem, everyone should be aware of this. Does anyone else have any experience with this. Our greyhound was down to 42 pounds when the proper DX was made.



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I had a cat diagnosed with this, but it was in conjunction with (or a side effect of) his CRF (chronic renal failure). The first meds we tried didn't help, but the second did and he didn't have anymore problems, although of course the kidney problems were still there. I would have to go and look up the names of the meds, if you are interested.

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Over the years I've had a german shephard and an irish setter with this problem.They were both placed on a pancreatic enzyme powder(made from ground up sheep pancreas)to replace the enzymes that they lacked.I also think the irish setter also took antibiotic long term but I'm not sure, it was quite a few years back.Both lived long and healthy lives.Just had to deal with bloody diahrrea if they ate something besides their food with the powder added.One dog was able to be fed regular dog food and one was put on a prescription diet.Hope all works out well for your pup!

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Noelle has been living with this for 6 years & is doing well. You need to join us on the yahoo epi list, there are over 2500 members from all over the world on the sight, lots of good helpful info & I would not have Noelle if it wasn't for the help we've gotten there. You can order the enzymes ( pork pancreas) for much less than from a vet from a member. She buys in bulk from American Labs & sells in different amounts. At first this is scary because many vets do not know much about how to treat animals who have the problem, it was first thought to be a GSD problem but we have a lot of different breeds on the list. TX A & M did the first break thru on how to treat it as well as SIBO, which seems to go along with a lot of EPI & vets all over can do free consults with the gastro vets at A & M. If you want you can PM me & I'll help you. Noelle has other issues so every day with her is a true gift.

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