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Brees Has An Ouchie. Pain Med Question.

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When we got home from work today, Rob played ball with Brees, as usual. The ball bounced into a bush, and Brees ran after it, stopped and stood there for a minute, then came out. We figured she couldn't find it. (That was dumb. She doesn't give up on a ball.) Joe wanted a walk, so we put on his collar and got her harness. Then Rob saw this:




The sides were each about an inch and a half, and the skin was peeled back. No blood.


Joe was not pleased with being stuffed back in the house so we could drive to the e-vet.


Six hundred dollars later, we have this (thank god for pet insurance!):




She's woozy and pathetic, and not interested in chicken broth ice cubes, which she loves. But she's laying down, and no whining except in the car. (She had to poop.)


Vet gave us cephalexin and Deramaxx, but only two of those. Instructions for the Deramaxx are 1/2 of one once a day for four days. I'm not sure why he gave the Deramaxx, when it's in short supply. I have plenty of Rimadyl for Joe, and am wondering if I should use that instead (and how much -- she weighs 66 pounds) rather than start her on Deramaxx and run out.


Is four days worth of pain meds enough for this? It's about a four inch stitched area. I think I count 12 stitches.


Now, Brees is a tough cookie. No yelping when she did this. I can't give her anything right now, regardless, since she's not up to eating yet.


Also wondering about exercise with something like this. We leave for Dewey Wednesday. Will she be up to regular walking by then? I don't think I'll be able to let her lay in the sand or play in the ocean. :(

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