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    Volunteer and work with injured or ill birds of prey, wild birds and mammals, large cats and pet hedgehogs.

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  1. Oooooh, Giant, did you learn from this??? Aren't you having fun, Miss Susan, meeting Wolfhounds (they are larger than Deerhounds, right?) and driving a tractor? Miss England Carol, you are so amazingly and wonderfully kind and helpful to Misser R Miss Jennie
  2. A snake! A snake?! I gots killer toads, a allimagator and a liddle ole ladee wiff a gun and yur worrit about Charlie and a harmless snake??! Or, one might call it a DANGER NOODLE. It's all about perspective Miss Jennie
  3. Oh, Atom, sweetheart, fare thee well. You were so loved and will be so missed. GIANT! PAP! Miss Jennie
  4. Hi all! Sorry to be absinthe butt I have read everything now. YAY Miss Susan!!!! Beka!!!! Miss Jennie
  5. I'm so sorry, sweetie :grouphug Jennie
  6. Wow! Impressive, sweetheart Miss Jennie
  7. Lila, Lila, Lila ... Miss Jennie
  8. Clearly a cat wandered it and stuck it under her completely innocent legs Jennie
  9. The zoo I volunteer at was having a hard time finding someone who could transport a couple red pandas across the boarder from Calgary. I told them about this park. If it works for houndies, it should work for endangered species, too. Oh, yeah, they should try it! I'll meet them Miss Jennie
  10. Real secure border, huh? I mean, I have friends who have had their Nexus cards yanked for having an ORANGE in their car, and yet 4 people and 2 dogs just walked across that border like it didn't even exist Lilly only peed on my floor ONCE that night (we went out every hour) and even though she made Whiskey sleep on the cat bed whilst she had the HUGE dog bed, they bonded that night and have been so close ever since. Here's Lilly on a visit she made to see me 2 years (I think) ago; grew a little, huh? Miss Jennie
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