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  1. Mornin' Thanks for all the good wishes for my Dad; I have been calling the hospital to check on him, he's doing about the same, butt KNOT worse. Antie Jennie can you shove some snow throo the USB for us?? Wish I could shove ALL of it through! HayMish; eat, deer boy, EAT Miss Carol Ann, I'm glad you were there for that poor boy Miss Jerilyn! Miss Jennie
  2. Big news! Hamish lifted his leg for the first time last night!! Hay Mish! to Miss Chris and everyone who has met The Ebil C There was a period of time yesterday in which, if I went down to our lower, flatter road, my sister could get into our neighborhood and pick me up so we could take my Dad to the hospital where he was admitted for respiratory distress and congestive heart failure. We now have 8 more inches of and no one here is going anywhere. Thank doG we got Dad in to the hospital where he was admitted, butt now I can't go visit him and am fretting Miss Jennie
  3. Be carefull up the Antie Jennie!!! Momma rememmers with some trepidayshun getting outta your nayberhood in the snowings!! Oh yeah. There is NO getting out of our neighborhood today; the streets are sheer glare ice. Well, I have a full pantry and kitchen for humans, hedgies and gimme pigs, so we're good. Miss Jennie
  4. I know, no one loves the blue jay, but they ARE beautiful. I LOVE blue jays! Especially their sassy call. We have Stellar's Jays here in WA who are large and bold and very beautiful, butt I love me a real and true Blue Jay. Miss Lurker Sue, we got our snow overnight! Yuck. Needed to take my Dad for bloodwork today, butt I'm guessing the Assisted Living Shuttle won't be running ... Miss Jennie, no longer a lover of winter
  5. Huh. I'm KNOT complaining, mind you, butt ... our "blizzard" fizzled out completely Well, "my" favorite bird is the kingfisher, butt I think you need a Carolina Wren, Miss Susan Miss Jennie
  6. Thanx to Miss Susan, I know I can watch HP all weekend whilst trapped in the Miss Jennie
  7. Oh DEAR!! We are getting winter, finally. SEVERE and WIND WIND WIND WIND. See you all on the other side! Miss Jennie
  8. Welcome to Pre Menopause! Just gonna say ... bio-identical hormones. That is all. Hang in there, Miss Sherrie! Be STRONG Georgie Hay-Mish! How horrifying! Are you all right, deer boy? Miss Jennie
  9. I was thinking ti was time to scout properties for the Hags, Hounds, Hedgies and Horses Home. Remember, we all planned it? Well, I want it. And Gimme Pigs??? Luna Lovegood GP
  10. SPECKY You were one of a kind, Sweetie, and are very missed. Miss Jennie
  11. I have Nationwide, previously VPI, and quite like them. I only have exotic pets at the moment (hedgehogs and a Guinea pig) but I'm very happy with their compensation when I have a claim. Jennie
  12. One of the most seriously wonderful nights of my life, staying up with Whiskey and Lilly, watching them calm and settle and bond, meeting Chris and Deb and John ... I'll always remember it. I sure do miss Whiskey Miss Jennie, still up on the border
  13. Um, yeah, that's quite the dog toy there And extremely adorable dogs in blankies Miss Jennie
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