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    Volunteer and work with injured or ill birds of prey, wild birds and mammals, large cats and pet hedgehogs.

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  1. Oh, Lulu is a wonderful name for such a pretty girl Congratulations! Miss Jennie
  2. Scheide set the night on fiyah’ I am loving these "fractured" lyrics. Sometimes when I finally look up some lyrics I KNOW I've been singing wrong, I keep singing the wrong ones anyway because I'm used to them Who amongst us hasn't sung "Lay me down 'cause she's a plannin' - had a beautiful day todayyyyyyyyy ..." What a greyt for Misser Michael and Salvo Miss Jennifer! Miss Jennie https://tinyurl.com/y43rbgzm
  3. "Blinded by the light! Wrapped up like a dood you know the "roamer in the night!!" " No no no! Everyone knows it's "Wrapped up like a douchebag and a rotor in the night" (GT might knot print the "d" word I wrote ... ) Auntie Miss Jennie, it is HAY MISH. YES!!!!!! for the bats! SAINT! Miss Jennie
  4. She says twice weekly baffs might be in ma foochur. Hay Mish, we hoomans often take DAILY showers; consider yourself lucky, sweet boy. Hope your itchies and owies will clear up So help me out; are you HAY Mish or HAM Mish please? Miss Kathy and Misser Jim Please take care of yourownselves! And if you start to feel worse, call 911 stat! My back has been "out" for three days. I'm thinking tripping over Merc and landing hard didn't help. Are you puppers trying to KEEL your HOOMANS? You do realize they have the $$$ and the thumbs, don't you? it now Nuttymeg, is the bat OK? My goodness, Abby, you and your Mom are sure busy for now! Miss Jennie
  5. Hay Mish/Ham Mish you are utterly adorable, especially your HUGE FEETS and Miss Susan, you look faboo!!!! Miss Jennie
  6. That son needs a swirlie. Or is it a swishie? No, he needs a smackie and a smashie and a BONKIE Poor Gia. Poor woman Oy, Miss Lucy, yuck! Miss Jennie, anxiously awaiting HAMISH!!!!
  7. Oh, dear, Miss Vanessa Thanks for the pupdate on Miss Kerry and Pippin, Miss Susan Miss Jennie
  8. I have been a bit absinthe, sorry! I'll just say: Miss Jennie Pee Ess -where are Miss Kerry and Pippin?????
  9. Oh boy, I sure hope that Nei doesn't have to stand up suddenly Auntie Ann! Yikes you are sure having a LOT of severes, Lila Miss Jennie
  10. I LOVE getting called for jury duty ... because I am very judgey Miss Carol Ann! You look faboo Any sign of Irwin ? Oh, Merc, how awful. Spider bites are BAD Alas, Miss Caroline, I am knot on FB ... Be careful with those toes, Giant! Miss Jennie
  11. Spirit! Balti! We have a Dutch community around here that is very religious and they shut right down on Sundays. There's a yummy bakery and a cafe with faboo fries that are both closed on Sundays Miss Jennie Pee Ess - I LOVE Rollie How cool to say the Lynx kittens, Jerilyn!
  12. Oh, Hamish, what sturdy little pony legs you have ! He is adorable, Miss Susan. HADA!!!! I think I would like to bark at a cooger. Hmmmm, I think you probably should KNOT, dearest Whiskey. There's a good lad Miss Jennie
  13. KIBO!!!! ARGH, Miss Susan, I'm sorry you are feeling such a let-down after all you've been through and had to do ... What everyone else said is true, and you do have oh-so-many friends and soon a PUPPY. Butt feelings are real, and just have to be worked through, and we'll help you, OK? There's a Good Lass Miss Jennie
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