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  1. Oh, I do remember Miss Janet. I hope her can get fixed. Miss Susan, Dr Steve has been trying to fix our wonky furnace that is either burning or freezing us and hasn't had time to look at your neck report yet. Butt he will! Miss Halise They killed those murder hornets! I don't know where in Blaine that tree was but here's the story https://tinyurl.com/y4cmg8td Miss Jennie
  2. Wow, Miss Ducky What's goin' on, Spirit? Anty Jennie are you gonna get snowings this weekend?? Possibly ... they've already had enough to shovel and plow in Many Sodas! Miss Jennie
  3. Mornin! have caught up on everything and am now awaiting pupdates from all of you! Did Miss Sherrie's neighbor's son get a rainbees shot? What happened with the rescued neighbor dog? How is Miss Susan's neck and knee? Is Lila eating? Miss Jennie
  4. Sid Sloth Hadda! Miss Susan, I am behind. What happened to your neck or did something happen long ago and now you are having it looked at? Sounds VERY ouchy I get all my pet supplies at Mud Bay Miss Jennie
  5. I did KNOT know that butt now I do, thank you! All HAIL THE SLOTH! I shall celebrate verrrrrrrrrrry slowly. Miss Jennie
  6. Why Ranch Dressing? Why did he have enough of it with him to cover hisownself in it? What a perplexing story Miss Jennie
  7. Oh, poor Miss Sherrie! Oh, poor Miss Jenn! Miss Ducky! Miss Jennie
  8. We got our ballots in the mail yesterday Gonna take 'em to the drop-in box today. WA has ONLY mail-in/drop-off voting; no lines for us! She got it from the lubley Flour Museum nextdoor to Miss Jennie’s Minnyapples partmint. Oh, Lila, how I miss that Museum Miss Jennie Pee Ess - Miss Susan, I am dismayed that no one is helping your knee
  9. Summer, is that Mrs Beasley in your private area MissJennie... I am powering my way through 'If It Bleeds'..... but only in the daylight hours Good idea Everyone! Miss Jennie
  10. I keep askin Mistress for my biskie and cheez pills and she keeps sayin I can't have em cause I didn't eat a single bite of brekkie. Who do you theenk is gonna win? I would have guessed you, Lila, butt the draw sounds good too. I'm with your Mistress; I have to be up for HOURS in the morning before I can eat food . An enormous mug of black tea and creamer is all I need! You have a nearby friend cousin, Miss Susan Miss Jennie
  11. Thanks Misser Marc! I've missed you so. How are you? Miss Jennie
  12. Spirit! "Climb Dogless Mountain" is now stuck in my head Whoa, Merc ... Oh, how I miss afternoon tea. It sounds lovely, Miss Kathy Nite Miss Jennie
  13. Is there a covid tappyoka shortage? DoG knows. The strangest things have been running out ... Miss Jennie
  14. Ivy! Battle, you PLACED Ugh, tapioca. I use the teeny tiny minute stuff in pies, but those big pieces are Miss Jennie
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