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  1. You'd never know it had zucchini in it. Trust me. No. I do KNOT trust you. Henceforth, should we ever meet in person, I will knot eat anything you give me because I know there will be zucchini in it How does a veganiter get along wiffout liking zookeenees??!!??!! Luckily, there are so many other vegamals to like and eat that I don't feel the lack. I also used to hate eggplant until I discovered Asian eggplants and oh my Miss Jennie
  2. Miss Susan, should your leg be that swollen? None of my tattoos seemed to react that way ... 4" squirms ?! That old time candy site is great! I always loved that sour powder you sprinkled on your hand and licked up Sheesharoni, Miss Lucy, did you get tossed into the deep end of the pool to learn to swim, too ? Ugh. Zucchini. Ick ick ick ick ick I do knot see any reason whatsoever for the very existence of that stuff. And to torture a perfectly good quick bread by putting zucchini in it ? No. Just no. But the rest of your wonderful garden produce looks faboo, AndiPants! Miss Noo Carol, my sister ordered a stove from Lowe's and went through a similar, prolonged, unbelievably incompetent process to have it delivered. Good luck to you, I say! Oh fer heaven's sake, NO puppy should be that stinkin' cute Miss Jennie Pee Ess - Zucchini in a CAKE?!
  3. Miss Cindy, did you put your fingers in your mouth after touching raccoon poo? No? Are you SURE?! Then you're FINE Miss Jennie
  4. Sorry, I have been super busy with lots of stuff butt hope to soon. In the meantime, to all who need them. Battle And please protect yourself with gloves and a separate garbage bag that you tie up tight and promptly throw away for raccoon poop, Miss Cindy. Raccoon roundworm can kill you. As can rabies. Best to stick with whatever deterrents the F&W peeps recommend butt not engage the raccoonio! Miss Jennie
  5. Ruh roh Lila's got the squirts! Misser Richard! I ADORE Asheville. When we lived in SC we went there several times a year. Love the Biltmore Mansion We stayed there for the 1999-2000 New Year's celebration (Y2K) so if things went crazy we'd be in a nice place. Miss Jennie
  6. Awwww darn, Miss Nancy Miss Sherrie Miss Susan. People are indeed confounding ... Mz Elizabeff!!! Dis iz yor opposumtunity tu inform Mssr Richard dat dat partickular babashie ticktick only libs on ROOFS!!!! WA State has instituted a mask requirement finally. Thank doG! So glad you had a second with Misser Richard, Miss Elizabeth. Did he get his kindle??? Miss Jennie
  7. Babesiosis Really! Huh. Are you guys in a very y location? That can be very serious, I'm really glad they have figured it out. Misser Richard! Miss Jennie
  8. Zeke, that x-ray is simply astounding. You poor, poor boy Keep us in the loop, Miss Elizabeth Miss Jennie
  9. Well and and there's nothing butt bad news here tonight! Everyone please feel better, feel less lonely, find better travel plans, eat your food ... Pippin! Miss Jennie
  10. Miss Jennie, Ma wonders if dis oxygen thing you are recommending is the one that clamps on her finger? She habs one ob those and will dig it up if that's what you mean. You can put it on and play games! Take a huge deep breath and hold it, try to get right to 100%. Let it all out and try knot to breathe for a while, see where you can drop it to Works very poorly on c-c-c-c-c-cold fingers and fingers with nail polish. Miss Jennie
  11. Copied from here: https://www.silive.com/coronavirus/2020/03/coronavirus-why-you-may-want-to-buy-a-pulse-oximeter.html "Providence St. Joseph Health, the system that cared for the first U.S. novel coronavirus (COVID-19) patient, has been providing pulse oximeters to patients who are likely positive for COVID-19 but have not been admitted to the hospital, allowing them to monitor their condition from home. The country’s first coronavirus patient was admitted to Providence Regional Medical Center Everett in Washington State. “Patients can be OK for awhile, then decompensate rapidly. So, having this capacity to monitor at-risk patients at home has made a huge difference and made our clinicians much more comfortable to leave patients at home rather than admitting them for observation in our acute care facilities," reported Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips, chief clinical officer at Providence St. Joseph." Miss Jennie
  12. Our pulse ox arrives tomorrow lol. Thanks for the public service announcement! The low sats without knowing about it is one of the most frightening things about this disease. Miss Jennie
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