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  1. Oh, Tiller! Oh the dogmanity! Betcha they won't call on Monday, Miss Ducky "It's a holiday" Miss Jennie
  2. Hahahaha, Miss FancyPants, you and Paris are indeed Royalty Miss Jennie
  3. It would require so many, many different treats at my vet's (they only see exotics, from reptiles to birds to interesting mammals to fish ...) that there would have to be a LOT of different treats available. I usually bring a few of my own to hand out. Cut some Gimme pig toenails last evening and oh, my, what angry looks I did receive I'll do hedgies today Miss Chris, we have rains, rains, rains and winds too! What a busy day at the Duckys' Miss Jennie
  4. With loupes and special teeny tiny instruments! About 70% of female Gimme pigs develop ovarian cysts which can imperil their health or kill them if not discovered and treated. So I opted to be pro-active because it can be difficult to know if they have cysts until it's too late. Miss Jennie
  5. Good news on Clark, less happy for Master Pippin While we're talking vet bills, see if you can guess what it cost to do ovariectomies on my 2 Gimme pig girls ... Miss Jennie
  6. Oh, knot Princess Boofay Run Free, pretty girl. Hada! That car is hysterical SPIRIT!!!! RITA!!!! Miss Jennie
  7. Mornin', all. Who amongst you sent me a most adorable Gimme pig Teeshirt? There was no card ... I THANK YOU! Miss Jennie
  8. Argus! Wiki! Your leg looks pretty good, AndiPants Miss Jennie
  9. All! I am finally all caught up on everything and basically ... Miss Jennie
  10. I will miss Lila stories so very, very much I'm so sorry, Jerilyn. She was a Very Good Girl and you were a Very Good Mom Jennie
  11. And she wants me to say it's almost time for the ninth anniversary of the Great International Houndie Handoff next week. Couldn't pull that off this year! I miss, miss, miss sweet Whiskey. He was a Very Good Boy. Miss Jerilyn, could you put something you love, maybe a stuffed animal, in the spot where Lila's bed was so it makes you smile a little bit ? Pippin that sounds like a book I read a while ago; what's the title? Dr Steve had his first post-op shower yesterday Had to chop 42 (now you can all try to guess how many toes they have on each foot) Gimme pig toes yesterday.
  12. Oh, Miss Jen, to get good news and then bad news all in a few days I am SO DONE with 2020! Miss Jennie
  13. Oh no, Cap'n Jack Oh, Miss Jerilyn, I know .... Miss Jennie Is Dr. Steve habbing surghurry or were you helping him out wiff a surghurry? In either case we hope it went good. He had surgery on his shoulder. It went well and he's recovering, thanks! Miss Jennie
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