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  1. Summer! Yay for your Mom! Dear doG, a gnome shortage?! What next, no yeast, flour or toilet paper?! I have planted some Shiso seeds and herbs in that cool metal wheeled garden cart I showed you guys. I go out every hour to see if the seeds (which the packet says will sprout in 7-15 days) have sprouted yet Miss Jennie
  2. Neizan and be CAREFUL! Merc glad you're home minus a few toofers Miss Nancy I'm so sorry Ivy do KNOT eat any of those crunchy crunchy bugs Miss Jennie
  3. Oh, no, I am so sorry Run free, Dustin, and Miss Robin and Misser Kevin Miss Jennie
  4. Awwww, Miss Kathy, I am SO happy you have discovered The Hobbit There is really nothing better in the world than opening a new book for the first time and LOVING it Hada! I juss a farm dog wiff a grey face and missin toe and metal leg that no one but my Mistress wanted. Butt that's the bestsest kind, and Mistress knew it Miss Jennie
  5. Awwwwww. for Wiki and Mistress finding each other! Miss Jennie
  6. I will miss Lila stories so very, very much I'm so sorry, Jerilyn. She was a Very Good Girl and you were a Very Good Mom Jennie
  7. Thanks Misser Marc! I've missed you so. How are you? Miss Jennie
  8. I have cared for groundhogs/woodchucks in my work in wildlife rehab and they are serious biters if confronted ! Sorry about the Cones of Goodness Miss Jennie
  9. Oh, Lila, you are just so beautiful Miss Jennie
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