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  1. Well, little Mister Henry the newest hedgie got a vet visit . ALL vets are so overwhelmed caring for the poorly-cared-for pandemic pets that all they have are emergency slots. Henry didn't seem to qualify until I finally got a good look at his abdomen after finding a bloody wheel in the morning and it looked as if his testicles were WAY too big and maybe that blood was from there, knot his feet? Off we went to the vet. Well, he was so dehydrated and starved (which I knew and was fixing) that his abdomen was concave so his testicles seemed too large. He was given a thorough exam and all organs seemed fine, given subQ fluids and a short course of antibiotics in case his frail health has led to any infections, and is back home with me to fatten up. He did KNOT get a wheel last night so his feet can heal. One of our rescue sites in OR was able to place him with her vet's vet tech; he couldn't get a better home. So she'll find a way up here in the near future and he will have a new and wonderful home Miss Jennie
  2. Would you give 50 cents for one for helping red pandas or rinosaurs? I most CERTAINLY would! Wiki, you do like like an animal resting in the veldt Miss Jennie, still feeling good
  3. Yay! My drain is out! Yay! Slept pretty pain-free last night! Yay! I think it was the chocolate croissant Thanks for back-and-forthing for me Miss Jennie
  4. Pippin, I do love your posties, because you have so many FABOO emojis Miss Jennie, dreaming of chocolate croissants and tea
  5. fings will prolly start heeling automagiklee once yoo've had sum delishuss tea and scaahfed down sum choklit croissants. It's science! GOOD SCIENCE! Miss Jennie
  6. Everyone! I have eaten 2 meals and am doing small chores around the house! My drain still drains 150-200 cc per day When they sent me home with it, I figured that it would be very temporary and be more than ready to come out at my first post-op visit on Thursday ... now I am knot so sure My sister is taking me to that appointment so we can stop and get chocolate croissants and tea first That wee little Tink the hedgie is eating and running and doing well; she's so very tiny she makes my hurt Miss Jennie
  7. Ms Jennie how are yoo heelink? We been finking a lot about yoo. Thanks, everyone! I am as weak and sick and painful as can be, butt getting a little better every day. This was VERY hard on my old body My Gimme pigs and hedgies are fine. Now that all the people who adopted pets to amuse them during the pandemic are dumping them at shelters, Dr Steve had to go the the Humane Society where I volunteer to pick up a relinquished hedgehog. No info on her, no name, no supplies ... they are so full up with other small animals the Society couldn't even rustle up a cage for her, so she is here now. She's very tiny; I think she might be quite young She likes scrampled eggs The HWS will find her a good home soon. Miss Jennie
  8. Goodbye, Spirit. You were a Very Good Boy. Jerilyn, that was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and heard. Thank you. Miss Jennie
  9. Oh Wiki Guess the bumble didn't make it? Lucy, Ann, and Spirit, sending love to all of you. Miss Jennie
  10. Ducky, a retrocecal appendix points upwards and to the right instead of downwards and to the left, and the pain can be in the RUQ (making one think liver or gallbladder) or more diffuse. In fact, when the ER doc saw my WBC of 24,000, he was betting gallstone. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19630119/ Miss Jennie
  11. Ya know Miss Jennie, medical peeps are said to be the wurst patients. Do knot prove that to be correct! Oh, I am actually an extremely good patient. I am totally compliant, I always use my caregivers' names and thank them, I remember things about them and have conversations with them and send a thank you cards after discharge ... What we are KNOT good at is determining that we actually need help! I was in pain for a couple of days (in my defense it didn't localize) but thought it would get better, didn't want to go to the busy E.D and bother people ... you know how it is Dearest Spirit I SO appreciate and feel all the hugs, kisses, licks and good thoughts Miss Jennie
  12. ::SIGH:: I am recovering, painfully, from surgery for a ruptured appendix Care for your appendixes! Do knot let this happen to you! Miss Jennie
  13. Oh, Lucy, it's so clear that you have ONLY Spirit's well-being in your heart and will do what is best for him. Your concern that he not become frightened if something goes wrong is so, so heartwarming. Many to both of you. Ducky! That poor bunny! Poor Gracie! Miss Jennie
  14. Thankfully we are back to open windows and fans and no chilly airs, because we hates them, Precious, we hates the chilly airs! Miss Jennie
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