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    Volunteer and work with injured or ill birds of prey, wild birds and mammals, large cats and pet hedgehogs.

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  1. We will miss you so much, DA. Miss Halise I like that post, Miss Patsy Any productivity we have is OPTIONAL! How is sweet Festus/April today? JUSTATOE Time to take care of all my pets now Miss Jennie
  2. Hedgies in floats! My hedges would be screaming and struggling and crazy to escape Gonna put a Gimme Pig baby on my lap and read for a while. Then put the other Gimme Pig on my lap and do the same thing Miss Jennie
  3. Patsy, you should move to SC. We have blooming flowers, trees are leafing, the sun is shining, and I already have a tan. And the people are so nice!! You are making us jealous, Miss Susan, except for this Peepul from de Dakotas can't moob to de HOT states. Dey juss burst into flames. Damnit Dammit, be OK Awwww, Lila, look at you enjoying the grass a new kitteh! Miss Jennie, about to go check on all the animals
  4. We're all just wandering around aimlessly now, Miss Patsy all, Miss Jennie
  5. We are all hearing about the two-leggers are turning into four-leggers since they are just roaming their homes looking for food, are told NO when they get too close to strangers, get all excited about car rides, and freak out when the doorbell rings. Yep, that's us! Hey, it seems as if I can see photos if I copy the post over and then click on it. Lemme try ... Well, it worked when Miss Kerry copied it, butt knot when I do Miss Jennie
  6. Oh, Lila, you are just so beautiful Miss Jennie
  7. Too bad you don't have a cat to boot BOTH of them off and take it over Jennie
  8. How many people even remember Mrs Kravitz? Miss Jennie
  9. I'm so sorry. Run free, sweet beautiful girl Miss Jennie
  10. SPECKY You were one of a kind, Sweetie, and are very missed. Miss Jennie
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