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  1. Hamish! Who's a Good Boy? You are! You are a Very Good Boy! Starbucks coffee has just replaced the generic stuff. There's honey for tea now, but all of the artificial sweeteners have disappeared. I'm sure you're all intrigued by my work kitchen updates. Well, *I* am; it's interesting to see what they decide is healthy and what's not ... will there soon be those freeze-dried green bean snacks ? Miss Jennie
  2. You haven't changed a bit, you beautiful girl. Congratulations! Jennie
  3. I'm so sorry, sweetie :grouphug Jennie
  4. Wow! Impressive, sweetheart Miss Jennie
  5. Lila, Lila, Lila ... Miss Jennie
  6. Clearly a cat wandered it and stuck it under her completely innocent legs Jennie
  7. The zoo I volunteer at was having a hard time finding someone who could transport a couple red pandas across the boarder from Calgary. I told them about this park. If it works for houndies, it should work for endangered species, too. Oh, yeah, they should try it! I'll meet them Miss Jennie
  8. Real secure border, huh? I mean, I have friends who have had their Nexus cards yanked for having an ORANGE in their car, and yet 4 people and 2 dogs just walked across that border like it didn't even exist Lilly only peed on my floor ONCE that night (we went out every hour) and even though she made Whiskey sleep on the cat bed whilst she had the HUGE dog bed, they bonded that night and have been so close ever since. Here's Lilly on a visit she made to see me 2 years (I think) ago; grew a little, huh? Miss Jennie
  9. Rocket, we miss you, sweetie. may I give my hedgie extra mealworms and my Gimme Pig a piece of apple in your honor? Miss Jennie
  10. Oh, the poor little things. You are so cruel! Jennie
  11. This is so funny Isn't it amazing how well our pets can communicate with us? My hedgamahog and Gimme Pig have me quite whipped into shape! They only get the foods and treats they like, in the proper place, at the proper time ... Jennie
  12. Oh, Sweep, you were cruising for trouble, my friend!!!! Thank doG Miss Rachel is a good vet! Miss Jennie
  13. Run free, sweet little girl. You will be so very missed :f_pinkMiss Karen and Misser Stuart Jennie
  14. Oh Rocket We will miss you, sweetheart, ever so much. Thank you, Universe, for all the signs that he is OK. Many warm :grouphugs for all the beloveds left behind. Miss Jennie
  15. Wow. Just Wow. I'm so very, very sorry you lost your sweet boy, but so very, very glad a Greyhound found and consoled you. What a truly wonderful story Jennie
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