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Guest sweetpea

Didn't work for us, but he's got a lot more on his plate in terms of things that could upset his GI tract.



(we ended up giving it to a GTer who uses it regularly with success.)

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Yes, if the dog has an unbalance gut flora. If not, no. What unbalances gut flora? The list is quite long, and includes antibiotic use, bad diet, NSAIDs, ongoing stress, disease/illness, etc.


I'd say if his problems are due to stress through changed circumstances, I'd just give it time and maybe plug in a pheromone diffuser. If you know for sure he's had medicines which may cause looseness, or has been under stress for a considerable length of time, they're worth a try.


Bottom line is that, though they are costly, they won't hurt him. :)


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I would be more inclined to use slippery elm and aloe first. Much less expensive.

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