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Food Stains


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Does your hound have food stains on the side of their mouth? How do you get it off? I've scrubbed at it with a wash cloth but it's still there.


Diamond has it on his mouth but Passion doesn't and she's whiter



Kari and the pups.
Run free sweet Hana 9/21/08-9/12/10. Missing Sparks with every breath.
Passion 10/16/02-5/25/17

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My white faced dog always has food stains on his face. My others just wipe their faces on the couch. I only wash his face if we are going out to greet the public... A M&G or a trip to work. I use a baby wipe for the first few swipes, and a warm, very wet washcloth for the rest of it. I rub in circles, and don't try to do it all at once.

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My pretty Lea, is black on one side of her face and white on the other - she always has some sort of "schmutziness" on the white side. I've read it has to do with their saliva and yeast. I've tried a solution of 2 parts water, 1 part peroxide and enough baking soda to form a paste rubbed gently on the area then rinsed off - it works somewhat, but the schmutz comes back a few hours later. I have read that this stuff called angel eyes helps, but it has to be ingested and I don't know what is in it. The most effective solution I have found is to gently wipe the side of her mouth with a warm washcloth, then use a flea comb to remove the debris, then wipe again with the washcloth.

Even this doesn't last more than a day, though.

I hope someone posts the permanent solution :-)

Theresa (Tess)

Mom to Elliott (Sol Flasher) and Lea (PTL Lea)

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Guest 2dogs4cats

Angel eyes has a very low form of antibiotic. Some people don't like it because of that. I have a maltese mix and they always have tear stain issues. I haven't used angel eyes or the like. I have found that if I wipe with contact lense cleaner it keeps the tear stains to a minimum. I think its the boric acid that prevents the staining. Some people dilute their own boric acid solution. Not sure if the mouth stains are the same but maybe you could try it. It took several months for the old stains to grow out.

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