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Eye Issue

Guest johnwe

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Guest johnwe

Henry was rubbing his face on my jeans and scratching at himself. We noticed that his eye was red around the top and somewhat in the white of his eye. I washed it and held a hot cloth on it for a bit.


My wife got him to the vet. His eye does not have a scratch, they tested for that. They didn't seem to determine exactly what it is but gave some anti-bacterial gel or something to my wife. They suggested Benadryl also for allergies.


He's never had any of these symptoms.


It appears he's scratched off some hair around his upper lid. I think that's a symptom of his scratching. He's not scratching a lot. We have put a cone on him some, but it drives him batty and he's afraid to walk around with it on.


Any ideas??


pic below



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Insect bites or allergies are most likely.


We went through itching ald scratching related to allergies with Rocket last year. We have a number of vacant lots in our neighborhood that haven't been built on yet, and there was a huge bloom of ragweed. About 75% of the dogs we see while walking were on allergy meds for the same issue last year.


One of the things that helped was to wipe down his paws with baby wipes after each outing, whether it was a walk or just a quick potty outing. It's kind of a pain, but if you can keep the pollen off of the paws, it stops the itch from getting worse when they rub and scratch with their paws. We just buy the cheapest bulk baby wipes at CVS or elsewhere - nothing fancy needed.


We also had to do weekly baths for a bit with an anti-itch shampoo, but it is possible to over do the bathing and make the problem worse. Some suggested spraying with vinegar and water, but that didn't work for us. It just made him smell like a jar of pickles.


Hope Henry is feeling better soon.


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Adam, my new boy has something similar, just not as red. He's currently on an eye ointment with a steroid to keep the itchiness down but I notice that he does still has bouts of wanting to scratch it during the day and since he still has his dewclaws, he can really do some damage. It's gotten better, but I do have to watch him all the time so he doesn't scratch. I don't have him on Benedryl - both my vet and I wanted to see how he does with just the eye ointment.

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Did the vet do a skin scraping? The missing fur makes me think it could be a skin infection, I've seen a couple hounds with similar-looking areas where it turned out to be skin infection. One was around the hound's eye - that was a combination of fungal and bacterial infections.

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