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D A P, Rescue Remedy And Spooky Meg

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For a week now,I have been using Rescue Remedy with Meg. Still wigged out and cowering but will let me lay next to her and not freak out as much.


Today the DAP diffuser came in the mail and I have plugged that in. We will see how it goes. About 5 minutes after I plugged it in, Tessa got up and walked over to take a few deep wiffs. :lol


We will see how Meg does over the next few days. I am hoping we don't have to resort to puppy Prozac. But she does let me lay next to her and will lay her head in the palm of my hand for rubs. Better then two weeks ago when it was try to melt into the wall. She still does that some if she is standing and I move towards her but not as much. so she might be getting better. I still have to bring the food and water to her. She is not keen on exploring while I am home. But she still will go over by the front door and leave me "gifts".. :lol My last two weeks of sleep has been a series of 2-3 hour naps followed by taking her out to do her busy.


Time and baby steps.. :lol

Isis, Always in my Heart Bijou, My Sweetest Angel

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I have used the DAP for my last three puppies. I never thought it did much but whenever I ran out and was not going to get another refill, I noticed the pups seemed to regress some. Jack struggles more with separation stuff when the DAP runs out so I keep using it. Hope it works for you!

Linda, Keeva and Jack

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