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Callan Got Bitten Or Stung Again

Guest Mom2Shiloh

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Guest Mom2Shiloh

He went out to do his business at 11:30 p.m. on 11/28/11 and came in in 15 minutes with his nose so completely swollen that he literally looked like a bull terrier. His eyes were swollen almost shut and I was afraid he'd start choking soon. We rushed to the E-Vet, which I hate doing, not only for the money but mostly because they don't let you stay with the dog :( He had quite a bit of IV steroids and I got to bring him home with Prednisone to give in decreasing doses, and an ok to keep up the Benedryl.


I have a spotlight that comes on when they go all the way out back and that time I saw him jump and swat at his nose as he trotted across the middle of the yard, so it was something flying that bit, or stung, him... not something he ate or dug up.


Last night it didn't get As puffy...I also didn't see if he'd eaten or chewed on something.... I gave him 3 Benedryl right away and was going to take him to e-vet but decided to watch and wait-- I also has some Apis homeopathic liquid remedy to give him 5cc of....so I did. I hate having them take him out back by himself so much and it was obviously not as swollen as last time, so I set the clock and we waited an hour-- it was down a wee bit in an hour, still more in 2 hours-- so we didn't go in. Today it is still not 100% but it continues to go down slowly -- and he's eating fine and acting fine.


I have emailed my holistic vet. I was a little nervous not giving him any pred., but I didn't want to give pred. with the homeopathic Apis. And even though it's a slow reduction, its steady. I just wish I knew what it was. Callan is the only one of my dogs ever to have this.

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Try carefully checking your back yard for things like a yellow jacket nest (do you get them up there? they nest in the ground) or a hornet or wasp nest, especially something in any bushes he may be sticking his nose into. You might want to get an exterminator come out and take a look, with the understanding that he won't do any widespread spraying with anything toxic to the dogs.

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Late summer into autumn, I'd say a ground dwelling wasp. (Red wasps down South, but not sure if we have them in southern NE.) They get nasty when food supplies get low at the end of the season. This week it's so ridiculously, unseasonably warm that it could be anything coming out of hibernation with few sources of food. Do you have stinging things that nest in the ground? Don't know if they come out at night anyway.


Poor Callan. Wish I had something more useful.

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Sending best wishes....




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