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Rimadyl And Pepcid?

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We are switching Fletcher to rimadyl, metacam just isn't working for him anymore :( I am aware of the risks, but a lot of dogs have been on rimadyl with no problems, and his blood work was fine, so we are going to give it a try. I will be watching him for any side effects, of course. One of the (less serious) side effects seems to be upset stomach, so I was wondering if giving pepcid would be helpful. Has anyone tried this?

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Pepcid 30 to 45 minutes before mealtime, then his other pills on top of the food.


You can get the generic famotidine. It comes in 10mg pills. Sam gets three 10mg pills every morning (on vet's orders); he gets them in the evening only if he's having stomach trouble. I tuck Sam's pills into a half-slice of cheese; the pills shouldn't be chewed, and if I give them naked to Sam, he'll try to crunch them.


Sam was on meloxicam (aka metacam) and seemed to be doing well. Then we hit a 24-hour period of all-diarrhea, all the time. The vet said to stop the meloxicam for a while, and start the pepcid (he had been getting just one 10mg pill in the morning). Sam's stomach has calmed down, but we haven't gone back to the meloxicam. (He's taking methocarbamol, gabapentin, and tramadol. That trio is filling in for the missing meloxicam...for now.)


I'd double-check the famotidine dosage with your vet before you give more than one pill before mealtimes.

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Gabe was on Rimadyl for his Osteo (now switched to Deramaxx), and his oncologist recommended one Pepcid a day to stave off GI effects. He hasn't had any issues.

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Ensure that you space out pepcid with meds. My vet recommended 2 hours between meds (in our case prednisone) and pepcid and his pepcid dose is 15mg per meal (meals here are twice a day). I've also noticed name brand Pepcid can be given 15 mins before food but some generic famotidine takes an hour to work :s. Something to do with how the coating breaks down. Pepcid certainly can't hurt if your pup seems to be uncomfortable. We actually can get away with giving pepcid once a day now that things have calmed down from a few weeks ago. Good luck. I will be moving towards using slippery elm to replace our pepcid use but have no comment on that since I have yet to try it.......that is an option to consider as well on your end I hope?

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Sophie is new to all of this. Wasn’t eating and ran lab tests   High triglycerides. Started on I/d from vet. Ok for 2 days. Mixed with dog food and back to no eating next day. Started on rimadyl and 1/2 Pepcid for the day she was good !  Vet suggested Antinol. Has some arthritis and a problem with spine as well   Very upset stomach vomiting a lot of mucous once and now no eating   Will call the vet again this morning 

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Sorry to hear that you're dealing with upset stomach and not eating.  We went through a phase with our senior guy, but he seems to have rebounded with appetite.  We do the pepcid as needed, but we haven't had any GI issues from Rimadyl or Galliprant.  Antinol is good for GI bugs (we bought out the drug store when we found it on a trip overseas), but I'm not sure it will help just an irritated tummy.  We did about a month of a bit of kibble (1/4 to 1/3 of the full meal) with the rest made up of rice, chicken, and peas from the instant pot.  It seems to have restored his appetite, even with the NSAID and occasional pain meds.  

Marvin has some spine compression and arthritis as well.  We started Adequan injections with him in November, and we saw a huge, very rapid improvement.  He's fallen back a bit now that he's down to the maintenance once-a-month dose, but definitely better with his mobility and stability overall.  


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Hi There,

Sorry to hear about what you and your pup are going through. I have had to give Rimadyl in the past with Pepcid as our guy had gastric issues and underwent a major surgery a few years back and the vet we worked with wanted him on both. We gave the Rimadyl in the morning and then the Pepcid one-hour before his later evening meal. This did seem to work well for him. We ended deciding to continue the Pepcid indefinitely (one per day one hour before the last meal of the day) for his gastric issues as he tends to have quite the sensitive stomach. Best of Luck!!! 


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