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  1. Hi There, Sorry to hear about what you and your pup are going through. I have had to give Rimadyl in the past with Pepcid as our guy had gastric issues and underwent a major surgery a few years back and the vet we worked with wanted him on both. We gave the Rimadyl in the morning and then the Pepcid one-hour before his later evening meal. This did seem to work well for him. We ended deciding to continue the Pepcid indefinitely (one per day one hour before the last meal of the day) for his gastric issues as he tends to have quite the sensitive stomach. Best of Luck!!!
  2. Agree! Looks like acne to me. Let us know how it progresses.
  3. Thank you for posting the link. I am so torn with what to do for our one greyhound who is allergic to just about everything. We had to switch him to a limited ingredient, grain-free diet earlier this year and he has never been better (not itchy, no more stomach upset / inflammation), etc. Nonethless, as others have mentioned ...I would prefer not risking anything when it comes to my grey. #atalossforwhatisbest
  4. Thank you for everyone's thought, expertise and input. Yes, the allergy testing was a result of other symptoms outside of just picky eating (i.e. vomiting, refusal to eat anything for several meals, ear infection). We are currently doing an "elimination diet" and so far, have had good results. Turns out our hound is HIGHLY allergic to all milk and dairy products - his results were "off the charts." His stomach issues, coupled with the fact that he was getting some plain yogurt with his antibiotics appears to have really irritated his stomach lining. In addition, we found that after review of e
  5. Good Evening, As some of you may already be aware, we have been struggling with "picky" eating habits with our 5-year old hound. After much testing, and trial and error our vet opted to complete a Food Allergen Panel to determine what allergies our guy might have. The test results were as follows: Milk +++ (Very High Allergy Indicated) Beet Pulp +++ Other Noted + Allergens were: Pinto Beans, Potato (White), Flaxseed, Rice, Fish Mix, Turkey, Venison, Soybean, Oats, Kangaroo, Rabbit Borderline potential to have a future allergic tendency were noted to be Duck and Chicken (recommended t
  6. If you don't mind my asking - how long does Remy usually act like this in the Springtime? We were wondering about allergy-related or seasonal behavior as well. I have tried the "cookie after dinner" thing but he hasn't quite picked up on it as well as I had hoped. He is currently taking a Pepcid daily (20 mg). He doesn't have a cough or anything but we do notice that his eating does seem to go with the season sometimes.
  7. Thank you to everyone for their insight(s). Overall, he seems to be doing better this past day. He still does not want to eat in the mornings; however, by about 10 AM, he seems to get his appetite back for the most part. Yesterday, he gobbled down his usual amount of food but did not really want anything to eat until mid-afternoon. He did have a fecal exam in January and everything was good but we are planning to run another one at his follow-up appointment in a week just to be sure. One thing noted by "tbhounds" may be spot on... we do notice that when he reaches his "top / ideal" weight
  8. Here is the Complete Urine Analysis Lab Result: This was a mid-day urine sample, taken around 3:30 PM - was given a meal prior to the lab around 2:00 PM; however, water intake for the previous 24 hours was noted to be decreased (which could directly impact the urine analysis results). Collection: Free Catch Color: Dark Yellow Clarity: Clear Specific Gravity: >1.050 pH: 7.0 LEU: 25 Leu/µL PRO: 30 mg/dL GLU: Negative KET: Negative UBG: 8 mg/dL BIL: 3 mg/dL BLD: 10 Ery/µL
  9. I checked on the dog food that we are currently feeding (Nutro Ultra Adult Dry Dog Food) and it has recently undergone a packaging change but I confirmed that none of the ingredients have changed. I have tried a few different options and occasionally he will show interest and eat a few bites; but then after a bit will walk away and turn it down. It is very sporadic. Congratulations on getting a new girl! That's awesome. His teeth are actually PERFECT and brushed often. He has no issues with that area, and I did have the vet check that out on Monday (just to be sure). I am so confused wi
  10. Thank you for the insight. The vet was pretty confident this isn't renal failure at this point based on his other labs (SDMA was normal, no anemia, no weight loss, not drinking an excessive amount). Do you have a recommendation on what special tests could / should be run to confirm anything else? I will look into the Buscopan (I have never heard of this before). I am removing the fat skin from the chicken. We did run labs to ensure pancreatitis was not occurring, unfortunately his actual lab work isn't telling us very much as everything seems to be "okay." He WILL eat, just won't eat what
  11. Hello Everyone, First of all - I apologize for the long post. I want to get as much detail out there as I can in effort to get some insightful advice from other fellow Greyhound Lovers. A couple of weeks ago, our 5-year old male greyhound started to refuse his food. He has never been one to go completely crazy over food - but this was different in that he was completely refusing to eat and walking away when he heard me going to get his bowl ready. We have tried everything including: Switching bags of food (in case there was something wrong with the current bag) Putting a topper on his
  12. I echo all of the comments above - check for Hookworm and any other parasites. The best fecal test to run is called an Intestinal Parasite Exam Antigen. I also recommend doing the + Ova test with the fecal exam to check for anything else such as Giardiasis (giardia). Any of these things could cause the frequent bathroom runs, vomiting, lethargy, etc. Best of luck!!
  13. I think given what you have outlined, trying medication may be a good next step and would recommend you talk with you vet. Our boy grey had separation anxiety when we first got him and similar to you, we had tried everything. Nonetheless, despite our best efforts he would continually pee in his crate when we were gone. The vet did not want that to become a "normal" behavior; therefore, recommended we try Trazadone once per day when planning to leave him alone. After one week I can tell you that both my husband and I were so relived! As someone mentioned above, it is not a "cure-all" and behavi
  14. Good Afternoon Greyhound Friends! I wanted to ask a quick question about Greyhound to Greyhound behavior. We have had our boy for close to a year and a half and overall, everything is going wonderfully and he has really done well adapting to his retired life in our home. He gets along with small dogs, non-greyhound dogs, and other greyhounds; however, I do have one question - Sometimes, when we are at Greyhound Events he will growl and/or air-snap at other greyhounds -- especially if the other grey approaches him "nose to nose." I am just curious what other people's experience is with
  15. Are there rules to signing up for this? I try, and it displays a message that I need to sign-in. Then, I sign-in and the process starts all over and asks me to sign-in again. Thoughts? Would love to participate if I am able / eligible. Thanks!
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