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  1. This is also exactly us, with our 10y9m senior. We're going to do x-rays when he's due for his next bloodwork in March, just to take a look, but the vet was able to palpate him and find exactly where in his lower spine is bothering him. We started him on Adequan injections in October, as well as joint chewables, but we think it was really the Adequan injections that gave him a very rapid and mostly sustained improvement in his rear stability and mobility. He has fallen off a bit now that he's down to just the monthly maintenance injections. We have Galliprant to give as needed, but he's not needed it more than a few days a month, so far. We see a lot of ups and downs though. Yesterday, he fell straight back onto his rump mid-poo (and of course, right onto the fresh pile ), but he insists on trying to squat on icy patches instead of exposed grass, so it was eventually going to happen (my pride was hurt more than his). Then today, he dragged me to the big dog park right outside and did several minutes of awkward, adorable, old-man zoomies. It's hard to do, but we've also seen some improvement when we can keep his leg muscles stronger, from doing stairs a few times a day, etc. Good luck - we'll be following along.
  2. Sorry to hear that you're dealing with upset stomach and not eating. We went through a phase with our senior guy, but he seems to have rebounded with appetite. We do the pepcid as needed, but we haven't had any GI issues from Rimadyl or Galliprant. Antinol is good for GI bugs (we bought out the drug store when we found it on a trip overseas), but I'm not sure it will help just an irritated tummy. We did about a month of a bit of kibble (1/4 to 1/3 of the full meal) with the rest made up of rice, chicken, and peas from the instant pot. It seems to have restored his appetite, even with the NSAID and occasional pain meds. Marvin has some spine compression and arthritis as well. We started Adequan injections with him in November, and we saw a huge, very rapid improvement. He's fallen back a bit now that he's down to the maintenance once-a-month dose, but definitely better with his mobility and stability overall.
  3. Thanks! We finally have the pack back together as of this weekend in Bismarck. There's even at least one other greyhound in our temp apartment building, which was a pleasant surprise!
  4. Great, thanks everyone! We have a chilly dogs fleece, in a size much bigger than 26, and it's the only coat he'll walk in because it doesn't feel restrictive when walking. His little mutt brother has boots, and it's still the funniest thing we get to see all year.
  5. Dear all Canadians and near-Canadians! We are moving from Denver to Bismarck, North Dakota, and I would like to ask for recommendations for some serious winter coats. Could you please let us know your favorites? Our hound runs hot, but his wee mutt brother does not, and with the move, we are upgrading their cold weather gear.
  6. Hi! Could I ask which kidney dog food you went with? We just received a recommendation to start transitioning over, though Marv is just in the early phases (very high end of normal but definitely trending upwards in the past 10 months). Otherwise, Marvin (a seasoned 10.5 years old) is in good health, minus the usual old man wobblies in the rear. Wishing you the best with Stella.
  7. All good things here. We have Marvin, the 10 y.o. big brindle boy, and his brother, of 1.5+ years, a young adult chihuahua terrier mix (~ 3-4 y.o. Toxirn?), Bertrand. They are definitely brothers, even if they largely co-exist and don't interact other than the occasional sniff about. They *almost cuddle, and we think they eventually will. Bertrand did try to climb into the slumber ball with Marvin on his first night with us, and that was a mistake, but no harm done. Otherwise, we had one accidental snark that ended up with Bertrand's head in Marvin's mouth, while Bertrand's mouth was around Marvin's leg, and they both panicked. Everyone was totally fine, and then they right after wanted to be near each other. Bertrand is 12 lbs of scruffy, fluffy sometimes/mini-lion other times, ter-hua-hua crazy, but they nap together all day, every day, and he's never once been mistaken for a toy. We like having such a visually mismatched pair of quirky pups. Marvin has also, unexpectedly, protected his little brother from a couple of off-leash dog events (Bertrand has bad leash reactivity). We took Marvin with us when we went to the adoption event so that he could pick (or just not un-pick, as he's more or less just ignores other dogs) a potential sibling. We walked them together inside and outside for about an hour, and I guess boys that pee together stay together? It doesn't sound like any more requirements than anyone else, definitely not like needing a cat-safe hound, and there are plenty of those out there too!
  8. Following...Marvin is going to the vet on Monday, as what had been a bit of occasional rear weakness was bad this morning. I couldn't tell if he was trying not to poop in the house or just couldn't stand up fully in the back. He just turned 10 this past week, and I'm tearing up now just looking at him.
  9. Thanks as always to this board! We ordered two last week, just to make sure we could get another before they are gone. So silly that they are being discontinued. Maybe they will just come in a different fabric?
  10. In the case that you're still looking for a bike trailer, for trips where you don't want to take the car, we'd recommend the HoundAbout 2 (by Solvit). Marvin is a big boy, 75lb and wide, and he really enjoys being towed behind a Surly Long Haul Trucker or whatever else we have that the hitch fits onto. It folds down to about 6 inches thick, and the wheels come off. It is large enough that he can lay down in, if he curls up a bit, but he usually ends up sitting on the rolled up pillow we put in the back. I'm digging through google photos for some pictures of him in the Marvi-O-Kart..
  11. Just empathizing with you Our grey loves his walks, and as he's gotten older, I like to let him walk as long as he wants. His new little brother, a little terrier we adopted at the end of last year, has severe leash reactivity, which makes it super challenging and emotionally frustrating to get a decent walk in. It's almost impossible to avoid other reactive dogs and other dogs in general around the neighborhood. We're down to walking at odd times and heading to different areas to walk while we work on the little dude's issues. Lots of good suggestions above, and good luck!
  12. We've got one who's similarly affected by turtles..only turtles... Lovely pics!
  13. We travel regularly, especially with work of late, and our hound does great with his sitters. Check the Greyhounds Sitter Exchange on Facebook, as well as your local adoption groups for grey-friendly hosts. We also have a wonderful Rover sitter for our boys when we both have to travel. While there is an extended adjustment period as your hound learns their new life with you, they are still a dog, and with the right sitter, will be just fine while you have to be away.
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