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Well, Cr*p!


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Tonight I just walked the girls, since they have the most energy, and Spud literally disappeared into his crate, which tells me he did NOT want to go on a walk. At some point Karma let out a yelp, first I thought I stepped on her, or she went further than the leash...I told DS about it, and he said she has been holding up her right back paw, he noticed it the last few days....and he TOLD me, and I did not listen, pooh, I feel bad, it went under in the general craziness around here. I don't see anything obvious, but she is 10, so I am paranoid.....on the other hand, she is the one dog that jumps up on me when she gets excited, and has been doing so just yesterday...today we held on to her before the walk, so I don't know....keep your fingers crossed for her, I will see if I can get her into my vets tomorrow....please let this be just a splinter, a misstep, anything else but....


The vet thinks it is a slipping knee cap, by the time the vet saw her she was using all four legs fine, but on manipulating the knee the knee cap could be moved more than normal. For now we will try rest (no more walks) and Rimadyl, if she doesn't improve, x-rays to confirm and surgery. Never been so glad, we'll do the surgery if needed, it's only money. And she is such an active, happy girl, nobody believes she is ten.

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:goodluck Fingers crossed!

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Ruby was not wanting to walk on her LF last Saturday...it was her outside toe.

No swelling, but painful to the touch.

Luckily our vet was here doing chiro on one of the horses.

She thought that Ruby's toe had been dislocated (jumping off the porch?!) but it had already popped back into place.

After 3 days on oral & topical Traumeel, and no walkies, she is fine.


Hope Karma has a similar injury and heals up as just as quickly.



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