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Happy Bridge Birthday, Toby

Guest falconschild

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Guest falconschild

I can't believe it's your birthday already, you silly Gooberdog. I know you're probably spending it in grand style over there, with lots of treats and chest-scratches just for you. We miss you like crazy here, just like always.


I can't help but think you had a paw - or maybe a needle nose - in getting me to notice PTL Muttly. If that's the case...thanks. Make sure you share your goodies with the other hounds around you, Toby. We love you and we miss you. Happy Birthday.




Momma and Daddy



A Blazing Glory

(aka Elmer, aka Toby)

8/28/2001 - 1/5/2011

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Happy Birthday over the rainbow, precious boy. Hugs to your people who are missing you today and always.

Star aka Starz Ovation (Ronco x Oneco Maggie*, litter #48538), Coco aka Low Key (Kiowa Mon Manny x Party Hardy, litter # 59881), and mom in Illinois
We miss Reko Batman (Trouper Zeke x Marque Louisiana), 11/15/95-6/29/06, Rocco the thistledown whippet, 04/29/93-10/14/08, Reko Zema (Mo Kick x Reko Princess), 8/16/98-4/18/10, the most beautiful girl in the whole USA, my good egg Joseph aka Won by a Nose (Oneco Cufflink x Buy Back), 09/22/2003-03/01/2013, and our gentle sweet Gidget (Digitizer, Dodgem by Design x Sobe Mulberry), 1/29/2006-11/22/2014, gone much too soon. Never forgetting CJC's Buckshot, 1/2/07-10/25/10.

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Rita, mom to Dakota (Dakotas Dream) & Wish (Kiowa Wish Wish) and my angels

Toby (Sol Marcus) and Robin (Greys Robin Hood)

Forever missing our beloved Robin and Toby

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." Anatole France

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