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Bladder Support Recommendations

Guest Kathy3

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I am wanting to put Rebel on some bladder support supplements. Just wondering what people have used and how well it worked.

Right now he has a ongoing UTI that won't go away and we are working on resolving this. I will ask my vet if I should wait until this has been resolved before I start anything like this.

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Guest cristaron

I've had our boy on Vetri-Science bladder support for about two

years now. It took a while to start working, actually a couple months,

but so far so good. He used to leak while he was sleeping and awake.

There hasn't been any leaking at all now for a long time.

It sure worked for us.


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George takes cranberry supplements. I have no idea if they help or not, but three vets told me to give them to him, so I do. He has a mysterious, persistant pee issue.


Susan,  Hamish,  Mister Bigglesworth and Nikita Stanislav. Missing Ming, George, and Buck

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