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Newbie Question Regarding Kennel Coat

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Hi everyone-


We got our four-year-old Bernie boy back in October. He had nice, soft fur when we adopted him. He also had a lot of spotting/ticking in his white areas. Within just the past month, he now has a bald butt and a bald belly. Even the fur on the outside of his back thighs, and on the front of his shoulders/below his neck is also bald. The spots are also gone. ???


This fur has disappeared so quickly. Even at Christmas time, he had nice, thick fur.


I do pour in a pinch of cod liver oil in his food, twice a day.


* Is this a concern?


* And, will his thicker fur ever come back?



Lauren the Human, along with Justin the Human, Kay the Cat and Bernie the Greyhound! (Registered Barney Koppe, 10/30/2006)


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Not a concern at all. Most hounds will lose their kennel coat. Some grow it back and some remain bald for quite a while. My big black boys still have bald thighs and they're 10 now. Some of mine grew hair back and some didn't.

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Might come back, might not. Blowing kennel coat + longer days starting (spring shed) = could be dog with thin hair and some baldness until late fall.

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Guest mcsheltie

As you have already read, the coat blow isn't anything to be concerned with. They can get pretty bald when a track coat blow is timed with a seasonal blow.


BUT!!!!!...Don't give cod liver oil!!!! It is very high in Vitamin A & D. Kibble is already over supplemented. Daily use of CLO will result in toxicity. For Omega 3 use fish or salmon oil.

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That does seem like a lot of hair loss early in the shed season. Hmmm. A lot of folks here have had amazing results regrowing hair supplementing with melatonin.


For what the half-sib link is worth, Beth got a lot less hairy the summer after I brought her home (around Labor Day) -- her coat got somewhat thinner and smoother after we started on TOTW, though that may be a timing coincidence -- and her belly gets fairly bald in the summer, but she's never had thigh baldness, and has a pretty thick coat as greys go, except for her belly.


Never heard of losing spots either -- Beth has gotten spottier and spottier, as is common with ticked dogs as they age. Is it all over, or just where he's lost hair?

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Guest d0ggiem0mma

My Maggie is suddenly getting the nekkid thighs and belly too, and she's a pretty furry hound. I think it's just the crazy weather.



NO COD LIVER OIL THOUGH!!!!!!!! Use a fish body oil like salmon oil if you want to suppliment omega 3 for skin & coat.

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Sounds totally normal to me!


My dog didn't have a "kennel coat" at all. He actually has fur in places he didn't when I got him (he was at the track for three years).


I use Grizzly salmon oil, which really helps with skin/coat.


Naked spots are just part of being a houndie!




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Normal. Melatonin is awesome for coat growth. 10 mg a day.


We also use Vit. E, a fish oil and a flexseed/borage/fish oil supplement. All our dogs have great coats.

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When Brooke blew her kennel coat I was very concerned because she lost so much fur including her whole neck in the middle of winter last year. But it eventually filled in without the use of supplementation.



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