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Squeaky Toys And Cats

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Hi all,


I was out searching for squeaky toy innard replacements for the many now defunct squeaky toys in the house. I came across a couple of adoption group information sheets that recommend not to have squeaky toys in the house if you have cats, especially if the cats are vocal. We have two greyhounds and two cornish rex cats. Both cats are very old and not active, although one of the cats is very vocal. The male 3 yr old greyhound loves toys, and is toy motivated. He loves to squeak them, but will continue to chew them if the squeaker dies. The 3.5 yr old female is not interested in toys, unless she wants to tease the male. She is food motivated and for the most part ignores the toys.


All the toys were picked such that they in no way shape or form resemble a real animal. They are either bone shaped or cartoonishly shaped. The cats are locked away in a room when we are gone, and the dogs a muzzled. The cats and the dogs do not nuzzle or sleep together as some of the really cute pictures on this forum and elsewhere show. Periodically they will interact but that is not very often.


So the question then is whether one should let agrey have squeaky toys, if you have cats. Any suggestions and comments are welcome. Thanks!

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Guest Greyt_dog_lover

I have 3 hounds, I foster (so 4 total) and have had as many as two cats at once with the hounds. I have never had an issue with the hounds playing with toys, then suddenly switching to a cat because it is making noise. Nor have I ever had a hound that decided when the cat meows it sounds like a toy and tries to play with the cat like a toy. I have never heard this correlation between a squeaky toy and increased desire to harm cats. Your hound is either cat workable, or not. You will definitely know the difference. In fact, I even have a lure pole that I use to exercise my hounds, as well as furry creatures running around my back yard that get eaten from time to time when they are not close enough to the fence to escape (rabbits and squirrels). How long have you had your hounds?



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I can only give you my 2 examples. We play with squeaky toys outside with the dogs AND cat. No issue. Dogs won't even give the cat a stinkeye! And our cats are equally respectful, so it's not a case of bullying or anything! Others may have different experiences though, as there is tons of literature that says do not let you indoor cat in the yard with your grey either. Each one of them is different, though you shouldn't have an issue playing with squeaky toys.

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Two greyhounds and two very vocal cats, including an Oriental Shorthair with a piercing yowl and a Heinz 57 with a meow that sounds just like a squeak. Lots of squeaky toys. The dogs have never confused the cats with their toys.

Kristen with

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I too have cats, and both of them are fairly vocal. They sound nothing like a squeaky toy even to my inferior human ears!


I also wouldn't worry about not buying animal-shaped toys. Even greyhounds seem to be able to tell a stuffed toy from an actual animal! It's smart to be cautious, but I think you're OK without worrying about this particular issue,.


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Guest IrskasMom

We also have a Kitty ,besides my Grey. Morty not once connected squeeky Toy with my Kitty and he loves to play with all shapes of Animals sqeeky Toys. Now your Cats belong to the House. It is deffinitly a different Subject with other outside Cats.They are fair Game. :huh:huh:huh

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Ditto reply here! I have 4 dogs and 4 cats (don't ask :rolleyes: - let's just say high school daughter and a job at PetsMart!) Anyway, not only are 3 of the cats vocal, they are very active and flying around regularly. The dogs don't even bother to lift their heads anymore. The dogs do, however, seem to like to play with some of the cat toys, in addition to their own. A lot of the dog toys are replicas of animals, too, but I have intentionally stayed away from the cat-looking ones because it just seems wrong, somehow! Raccoons are favorites around here!


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Guest Swifthounds

I've seen a lot of wonky advice in adoption group information sheets in my time.


I've had multiple cats, multiple small dogs, multiple greyhounds, and a slew of squeaky stuffy toys and not had an issue. One of my vocal cats is also hearing impaired. There are also very vocal kitties in our extended family with whom we visit. That said, at all times my small animals are separated from the muzzled greyhounds when we're not home and have safe areas when we are at home.

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Wow, thanks for all the great responses! I sure like Greytalk, post a question at bedtime and wakeup to a fantastic collection of advice and suggestions!


We have had Oliver since Memorial Day weekend (5 months) and Holly since Christmas Eve (10 months). Both were initially curious about the cats, now they ignore them for the most part. But as I mentioned, better safe then sorry, so the cats get locked away in their room and the dogs are muzzled when we leave.

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Guest TexasGreytMom

I agree with you totally ... better safe than sorry. Piece of mind is priceless.


When we brought Shelby (our younger grey) home, she was terrified of our kitty and would run from her, and we feared that she might hurt her out of fear. Kitty would taunt Shelby and jump out at her, etc. when she walked by. We were really actually quite worried and wondered if the combination would work out in the long run.


Now, they're best friends - sleep together, cuddle and groom each other.




And, we've always had squeaky toys in the house - shaped like every animal imaginable. I never really thought about the animal shapes until I read your post.


You know your pup and felines better than anyone, so my advice would be to follow your intuition and you'll find what works best for you and your four-legged family members.

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Thanks for the sound advice. And the great grey and kitty picture. Mine may get close while sunbathing in the window, but I don't think I will ever see them cuddle. Holly has personal space issues still and won't let even poor Oliver cuddle. Oh well. I know where to go to see great pictures though.

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Guest jaws4evr

We have two cats (both very vocal with different voices, one musical and chortley, one shrill and shrieky), and numerous squeaky toys, and never had any confusion. Our GH tested cat safe, but we watched for any attention towards the cats that was stronger than a casual glance (ears pricked was correctable), and there's been harmony for a year. The cats will go up and rub/sniff the GH and she just looks blanky off into space.


Ours definetely seems to understand the difference between "cat" and "squeaky" right from day one, but I imagine this is a pretty dog specific subject. What is fine for one dog might get another dog worked into prey-mode.

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I have actually heard the argument before that dogs may have a hard time deciphering the difference between plush squeaky toys and cats.


...From my mom, who has never owned a dog in her life. :lol


Bernie loves his plush squeaky toys - his favorite is a ladybug. He doesn't love our cat, and he really could care less about her. They don't really pay attention to each other. If he ever does do anything to her, he usually walks up and sniffs her butt.


That gets a big hiss!


As originally posted:

So the question then is whether one should let a grey have squeaky toys, if you have cats.


I say yes, considering that you have a Greyhound that has specifically been cat-tested, and has been deemed 'cat-friendly.' If the Greyhound may not be cat-friendly, or may not be small-dog friendly, I would use caution.

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