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Brocken Foot

Guest tysmom

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Its been a week for me and mine

and then out of no where, just a simple little run after a poop

my Buck broke a bone in his foot and is splinted for 3 weeks.


He's settled into it the poor boy. He already has an amputation of toes on on side , a bad houlder on the other

because of the added strain and now a bad back leg.

I really feel like the rymadyl just isnt cutting it for him. Its ok, but I think I would love to

get him started on more fish oil and glucosamine.

can anyone help me with proper dosage he's about 80 pounds this week.



PS sorry about the mispell up in the title.is there a way to edit the title line?

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I hope that your veterinarian has looked VERY CLOSELY at the x-rays of your dog's bone. A bone that breaks on a greyhound who is doing nothing other than normal activity is suspicious.


Glucosamine is alleged to help with joint lubrication, and won't help a broken foot. It also takes 4-6 weeks to show any results at all--I used it on my old dog for over 2 years and saw difference at all.


Fish oil is excellent for the coat, and omega 3 fatty acids help with inflammation, but again, that won't do anything for a broken foot.


As you vet about Tramadol for pain relief if Rimadyl doesn't seem to be helping.


I'm sorry this happened, and I hope he feels better soon.


Susan,  Hamish,  Mister Bigglesworth and Nikita Stanislav. Missing Ming, George, and Buck

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Hugs to you and BooBoo boy Deb.


If you go back to your original post, I think there's an edit button. Not sure if it'll let you get to the title though.

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as far as the fracture is concerned...I am what might be described as crazy, obesessive, over the whole cancer thing.

People who know me here will tell you that about me.

I gave this vet such a hard time you have no idea..AND I have a copy of the xrays for a second opinion if after our two week visit

I am not comfortable with his answer... you really don"t want to get me started on that..lol besides being an obsessively protective grey hound owner

I'm also a crazy, menopausal, alpha B.... as my husband likes to say...LOL


anyway, sorry , I didn't give enough info...he has a shoulder issue on the right side front because he has had toe problems, fx"s and ultimat amputation of a toe which has given him a limp on the left and trouble dealing on the right if that makes any sense..


so the front is a problem and now he has the stress of a fx on the rear leg.. I'm a Nurse, maybe I'm empathizing a little too much but it seems o me I need to be doing things to help with comfort level, so I thought of the glucosamine and fish oil for inflammation.

any other suggestion ? I would love to just be able to help my boy be more comfortable.


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Sallie has a badly broken toe, happened two weeks ago. I gave her tramadol for about a week, but this last week she hasn't seemed to need it.


Glucosamine won't help his break, but it might help his shoulder. 1500/day is the usual dose. Works best combine with chondroiten and msm.


Hope he feels better!

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