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Tail Rot

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My brindle has had this since we got him, five years. Is there such thing as tail rot. Seems right above the butt there is a spot that is dead. The vet is not concerned so what ever, the doggie don't mind, but we were wondering what it was???

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Do you mean the spot is a few inches down from the base of the tail where it attaches to his butt?


If you are seeing a patch of skin, nearly hairless, many greys have that and I believe it's a scent gland area.


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i believe that you are talking about stud tail, it's around 6" below the base of the tail where it connects/starts at the body. hormonal from what i have been told, nothing to worry about. please correct me if i am wrong, but check out links to stud tail on g/t

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Yup, sounds like Stud Tail. It doesn't matter whether the dog is neutered or not. It's a scent gland that is located in the tail.

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