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Question Regarding Animal Communicators

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Has anyone used a communicator regarding housebreaking issues? We only have an issue in the evenings when we are frequently out for dinner/etc. It's not SA. We tried the crate but she hated it so much it has now created other issues (same with confining in a specified space along with another grey). Anyone given this route a try?


Also - any recommendations on who to call?

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Yup, and it worked. We asked that the dog be informed that this behavior was unacceptable to us. We wanted to know what the issues were. We were willing to work with her and she had to try as well. The dog asked for a little time and became housebroken in a shorter time frame than she requested. I think she just needed to get her act together. This might be too "woo,woo" for some people, but, it worked.

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Guest isntitgreyt

The communicator asked Molly why she can't hold it and Molly's response was that it hurt sometimes to hold it. I've had her tested twice for UTI's and what the vet thinks is that she has an unusually small bladder. Molly also said she likes the security of her crate so she stays in it while I'm at work and is confined to my room at night. I've used the communicator for other issues than housebreaking but I did also bring that up. I got to say that it was a remarkable experience and I'm so glad I did it!! Good Luck!!

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This is sort of off topic but still makes me laugh, so I'll share.


I went to a medium once. This grandmotherly lady was awesome and blew my mind with the things she told me, a few even I didn't know and had confirmed by other family members and some really specific and direct messages. Midway through she says 'oh there is a little pudgy white poodle here' I was very excited 'that is Taffy my childhood dog, what does she have to say'


And this woman who has spent the last hour talking to an invisible 'spirit guide' and telling me messages from beyond, looks at me, sighs and says 'sweetie I don't know, dog's don't speak'




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Guest GreyFan09

Okay, this idea sounds interesting. So how does one go about finding an "animal communicator"? Any good ones in the Chicagoland area?


After having lived in 2 haunted houses, I'm pretty open to anything...

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It works! I have used Latifa Meena with my hounds and horse. Absolutely incredible results. Has been extremely helpful with behavioral and health issues. Animals can talk! Her website is www.animalscantalk.com but you might have to type it in since I don't know how to activate links! I have taken courses from her on ac and begun to study it myself- it is a remarkable journey. Wish I would have known about it years ago. It would have been so helpful.

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