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Robin has a vet appt on Wednesday for his annual checkup. He is 8 1/2. The few of you who know him from the occasional Greyhound Adventures walk knows that he is an exuberant, outgoing, and fairly energetic boy. Just in the past year, we've had many instances of him overdoing it a bit with his zoomies and becoming quite stiff and sore for a couple of days afterwards. It always goes away--it seems to be a bit like when I go jogging when it's been a while and I pay for it later. :blush


Based on advice from GT, we've given him the occasional aspirin, but it never really seems to make a difference. Since we're seeing the vet anyway, I wanted to ask them if we could get a prescription of something to keep on hand for when this happens. I don't know if they'll do that for us, but I want to ask. My question for you all is, what should I ask for? I am familiar with many of the names of meds from here, but what do people usually use for soreness like this?




PS--Okay. I have to ask. I am trying very hard NOT to be worried. Honest. :unsure But we took Robin to Martha's Vineyard this weekend and overdid it on the walking around, and he's still sore and limping after almost two days of rest. (Though I think it's a bit better.) It's his right front leg, and it's been sore off and on for the past month. I think it's probably a corn I can't find, since it seems to get worse on pavement and better on grass. And it looks like he's gingerly stepping on his foot, rather than it coming from higher up on the leg. I'm sure it's a corn--maybe one on the side or something? I don't really know what I'm looking for. But could people think good thoughts for him, just in case?


Requisite picture:


Cathy & Calvin (DOB 9/18/13). Always missing my angel Robin (Abdo Bullard).
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You could add some glucosomine and CMO to his diet. It does seem to work if used long term. There are 100s of variations but for these particular things, I prefer no fillers and nothing added. I get mine from http://www.greyhoundgang.org/store/index.php/cat_5

It's pure and 100% of the proceeds goes to help the hounds. A win win situation. Confused on what to get? Email Claudia @ claudia@greyhoundgang.com and she will answer all your questions.


For the temp relief of pain, we give 75mg of deramaxx. I always have it in the house, just in case.



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Tramadol is a pain killer, it's worked well with arthritis although now I'm looking for something to add to it.


Deramaxs, Meloxacam/Metacam, Rimadyl are all NSAIDs (anti-inflamatories). When used regularly, kidney and liver function should be monitored. From what I've been reading lately, Meloxacam works fairly quickly, Deramax takes longer so it might not be the best for occasional use. I don't know where Rimadyl falls in there.


How often are you using asprin? I wouldn't use it regularly, and would always use buffered asprin, but imo using it once or twice a month is okay.


I really recommend putting any greyhound that age on a glucosamine suplement. (Don't bother with joint foods, they don't contain enough to help). Personally, I like cosequine which is the only one that is independently tested, but lots of people like the Greyhound Gang's here so that's a good choice too. Any quality one will help slow the onset of arthritis quite safely.

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Guest EmilyandSioux

I use Arthrisoothe Gold around here. It can be used on dogs, cats, and horses. It is a mix of glucosomine and chondrotin and other anti inflammatories. It some in a powder that you sprinlke on their food and they love the flavor. It smells great. I do get mone from the horse section because it is cheaper and it is the same thing you just use a smaller dose. I noticed a difference in a few days with these guys. My donkey was really painful this winter and within the first 24 hours on it I noticed a huge difference. It does taste like licorish to me.

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Thanks for the advice, everyone. Thankfully, though there is still a discernible limp, Robin is much better today. He has enough energy that he was even going crazy earlier for a treat. A big improvement over the dog who, on Sunday, was acting twice his age as he gimped around the yard. I hope he keeps it up!


Maybe this limp is just a sprain. It would last for a while if he keeps aggravating it, right? Nothing to worry about tomorrow at the vets, I'm sure.


Think happy thoughts, though, please! I can't help but worry.

Cathy & Calvin (DOB 9/18/13). Always missing my angel Robin (Abdo Bullard).
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