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Guest bansidhe

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Guest bansidhe



Last Saturday we picked up a young hound. She came just off the track, is under 2yrs of age and is VERY thin with all ribs prominently showing as well as her hip bones and vertebrae. The first two nights she would only whine and pace. She was very stressed. She now will sleep through the night in my room.


During the day I crate her. I leave for work at 8:15 and at 12:15 I come home to let her out. I go back to work around 1 and come home about 5. She eats at 5:15AM and 5:15PM.


I have two issues .


1) Sometimes she just does not want to go outside.

She freezes in her tracks and wont go. The first few days she walked no problem but now she just flat out refuses.

This is kind of frustrating.


2) She poops and pees in her crate. Even if she has gone out and eliminated before hand. She's done this the past 5days.


When I home she seems to be adapting. SHe follows me around and will even come upstaris to be with me. This is great!

I'm just concerned about her soiling her crate and her not wanting to walk.



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Please take her to the vet and have her urine and her feces tested; it's highly likely she has parasites that are easily treated!


That's step one!


For the other issues, I'll let more experienced hound handlers answer, but the first step when adopting should always be a trip to the vet if for no other reason that to get the all clear on the dog's health!


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She may have a load of parasites and/or a UTI that is making it difficult for her to "hold it" while crated. A trip to the vet for a thorough check-up including a fecal is a good idea.


She may just not like to be crated. My Wendy detests the crate, so we baby gate her in the dining room with a treat filled Kong when we are not going to be at home.


"Freezing" or "Statueing" is something Greyhounds do when they are afraid or unsure of a situation. If she is food motivated, try to entice her to move by offering high value treats like bits of cooked chicken. Make "happy" sounds of encouragement. Sometimes, simply changing direction or walking in a circle, will break the trance and get them moving. VERY GENTLE tugs on the lead may help her to get going again. Most of all, be patient. She is in a new and potentially very scary (to her) place with new sights, sounds and expectations. She will come around...Promise!

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I agree with having the pee and poop checked out. The one time that our Robin was pooping in the house, he ended up having hookworms! Easily treated and end of problem.

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Guest bansidhe

Thanks for your input.


Today is Monday. I went home at lunch and her crate was clean! :-) Yahoo...


I've been thinking a lot about this, so thought I'd share with you my thoughts.


1) I got her as a foster and was given Drontal to give to her, so she should be worm free.


2)I was thinking of a UTI but other things do not add up, like why she can hold it for 8-10 hours

at night, why she has never had an accident in the house.


3)She goes into her crate all the time to lie down and seems pretty happy with that so I do not believe the crate itself is the issue.


so this is what I think is going on. I honestly believe that she had no idea if or when I would come back.

I also think she was scared and upset by her change in surroundings. I think she was/is very unsure of what is expected.

This grey came right from the track and needs a bit of adjustment.

I think progress is being made but it's slow. (At least for me... ;-) )



Nonetheless, I will take her to the vet just to make sure she's good. SO far the thing that has me most concerned

is her lack of desire to run.


thanks again!

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