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Sleeping Together?

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It depends on the dogs. Some of mine will snuggle on one bed and some prefer their own beds. Usually a new hound wants it's own bed, or the furniture.:lol

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We have 5 hounds and a total of 12 beds in the house and 4 very large beds in the back of the mini van.


They like having choices!



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Beds?.... lol oh those pillow type thingies that lay on the floor.. i know now... my dogs want to use everything but their beds to sleep on. B4 bloomer i had 2 small beds for our doxie piper... our cat used them. piper likes my lap.

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Although Ivy and Soldi loved to sleep together, there were moments where each dog preferred an individual place to

rest so I had plenty of beds and baskets in the house and they were allowed to use the sofas and my bed too,it's good

for the hounds to be able to choose their sleeping place depending on their mood...


user posted imageuser posted image

Marion, Ivy & Soldi


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Guest FastDogsOwnMe

I would always provide each with his or her own bed or crate. That said, most of mine sleep in bed with me so it's a moot point.

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4 dogs = 8 beds (4 downstairs, 4 upstairs)


They don't all get used at the same time necessarily, but I think it's better to have the option.

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Guest burgerandfrey

Our two prefer two separate beds. I've only seem them share a bed once or twice. I guess it depends on the dogs, and the size of the bed. If there is only a single bed, and it's large enough, maybe they will share. We seem to have dog beds everywhere: Two in the living room, two in our bedroom, two weather-resistant ones for the deck, a hammock-style bed for the back seat of the car, and a small travel bed for the rear of the car. Whew!

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Guest Energy11

We have 2 extended dog beds (pillows and comforters) that line the area in front of my entertainment center, and one in the back of the livingroom. Room for two hounds on each. In the bedroom, two regular sized dog beds. Where do they sleep??? Well, I sleep on THE FLOOR on comforters and two foam mattersses... do the math there! (***they have the daybed)!!!!!


In Dh's room (*no we don't sleep in the same room) he is always cold, me, always hot ... NOT a good combo! Anyway, Staggerlee sleeps on the bed with him everynight, and whomever, frequent the floor doggie beds!


I woke up last night, sleeping sideways on "my floor" with My Curfew on one side, lying with his head on my pillow, and Goldie on the other side! TO ME ...and I KNOW I am CRAZY, ... it doesn't get ANY BETTER THAN THAT! :-)colgate.gif zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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With a new dog I would definitely provide them with their own bed.


We have 2 dogs and 5 beds and if our condo was any bigger there probably would be a 6th bed. Although mine do share beds, often they prefer to sleep by themselves.

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we have two dogs and seven beds.....two in the bedroom, two in the living room, two in the back of the van, and one at burke's shop. our dogs are not snuggly with each other.


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