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  1. I had unfortunately very bad experiences with the vets over here in Spain (my father was a great vet in Germany) most ONLY think of making money as much as they can, and your dog's health often doesn't seem to be of their interest in first place. I'm sorry to write this, but it is the truth. What Greysmom said is so true...the dogs don't eat well in hospitals. They are scared of new painful treatments and injections. Take her home as soon as you can, put her on good food and take all meds off, that can be skipped.
  2. My Greyhound's haemorrhagic stools were always self-limiting after 2 or 3 days...I hope very much, that your hound will recover soon...when she starts eating by herself again, I would try to skip as many meds as you can, so that her organism can reorganize itself. I wish you luck!
  3. Hello, I'm sorry, that you have to go through this. My Greyhound had this problem for 2 years. She got haemorrhagic gastroenteritis every 14 days. She started with some tummy noise one day before the outbreak. The next 2 days, she didn't eat and had several bloody stools. After 2 days, she was fine again. I took her to several vets. They put her on all kinds of meds like flagyl, panacur etc. and wanted to do an endoscopy. The meds made all even worse. The final diagnosis was IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease) The vets here wanted to put my 3 year old dog on Cortisone for the rest of her life. So I contacted a Greyhound breeder, wo was a vet in Austria and explained my problem. She recommended me, to take all the meds off, to never vaccinate the dog again and to start a raw diet. I did all, what she recommended, and after a very short time, my Greyhound never ever got bloody stools again. The dog was very sensitive and his organism reacted in this way to get off all the toxins of the vaccinations. I hope, this has helped you a little bit...have luck!
  4. I've gone through a broken leg with my Grey. It was a 'clean' break, so it was not necessary to get the leg operated.The hound got a castlike bandage, called over here 'Robert Jones' and wore it for three weeks. After this time he got a smaller more elastic bandage, which he wore for another three weeks. During this time we did careful walks. When the second bandage was taken off, we started normal walking and teh dog recovered 100%. After some time he could run full speed like before the break. We were lucky. I wish you good luck!
  5. I'm very sorry for your loss! It's the worst part of dogownership.
  6. My Greyhound Ivy had a tendon rupture in his rear knee joint and the first vet wanted to do surgery to fix it with nails. I went to another one to get a second opnion and this second vet fixed the knee joint with a cast-like bandage. The dog had to wear the bandage for one month, after that he got a smaller bandage which he wore for another 3 weeks. The injury healed perfectly withour surgery! I hope, you habe luck and can avoid surgery.
  7. HI, I've had that problem several times with my hounds. Once even a piece of glass cut off the middle pad of my hound's paw. I put a bandage on while walking. That was often soaked with blood when we came home. It was a huge injury but healed with the time. For minor injuries I just used to bandage the paw before walking and took it off after coming home. The bootie does the same trick...quick recovery!
  8. Honestly...if your dog has to sleep all night long and during the day he's crated for so long hours, I would suppose it's just too much immobility for the dog...I don't believe in crating a dog, confining him to such a tiny space...imagine the terrible boredom and the lack of free movement for so long hours. Than the lonelyness...please try to give your dog a good walk with some exercise before you leave the house and leave him free roam, so that he can sleep at a place of HIS choice. He can at least move around a bit...I personally have never ever crated a dog, over here people don't use crates to confine their dogs unless for travelling. I wish you luck!
  9. I would return Gracie, as she has always more biting force due to her breed than a Grey. So if they get into a serious fight, and you are not there to stop ist, the Greyhound risks to get severely hurt or even could die. I would not take the risk.
  10. I walked my beloved Greys twice daily from the beginning (they entered our home as pups)...one hour off-leash in the morning in the countryside and in the late afternoon another 45 minutes on-leash mostly. 3 times a week to the beach to run full speed in the early morning. That worked for us. I recommend you, to find a fenced in área, so that your youngster can run a bit to let stem off. 1,5 miles are not much, so with the time he might enjoy more walking. My Grey was very sensitive with his pads. He didn't like stony áreas, although over here it's difficult to find grassy soft places. Maybe with the time you can buy something to protect his pads.
  11. Hi Jeff, at least, it seems,that this kind of corn doesn't bother your hound when walking? I had good results for many kinds of skin problems in my hounds with Caléndula mother tinkture. A little bit on a tiny piece of cotton and massaging it about 3 times a day on the little wart or corn...you could try that. Have luck!
  12. My sister's German Shepherd dog has got EPI. She put the dog on a very well elaborated raw diet as he could digest kibble sufficiently. So the dog gets a raw diet and pancreas tablets with digestive enzymes. The dog is pretty fine, his stolls are perfect and he could put some weight on.
  13. Dogs are VERY sensitive to electromagnetic field radiation and telluric radiation. They avoid these places for sleeping. If a dog is confined to a crate placed on such a radiated área, he will always try to escape from there, as he knows that those radiations will harm his health. So, apart from placing the crate in another área, I would always suggest to leave the door open, so that the hound can go to sleep to a place of HIS choice.
  14. GreyTfish you adopted a VERY Young dog plenty of youth and strength...I think it' might be important to find a fenced in área where you can let yur dog 'run his heart out' at least twice per week. Your walking Schedule seems fine, but if your hound has just stopped his racing career, he might still feel the need to run sometimes full speed...walking on a leash might not tire him sufficiently... I wish you good luck with your new hound..
  15. SMURFETTE : 'Same here. I never used a crate (a European thing, perhaps?). I just confined my first grey to one room in the beginning and let the doors open after he showed no issues with the additional space. When we added more greys to our life they just had the same accomondations as the older one from day one...' I'm German too,( although i live in Spain)...it's sure a European thing as in Germany and Spain nobody uses crates except for travelling by car with the dog.
  16. The first important thing is to give your hound sufficient exercise before you leave to work. A 45 minute walk would be fine and if you can find a fenced in área to let your hound off-leash so that he can run would be perfect. At home once he got tired, the dog will go to sleep to a place OF HIS CHOICE and just sleep until you return. I'm totally against forced crating, as I consider it terribly hard for a dog to remain for long hours in such a tiny box without being able to move. Have a try to leave him free roam...your hound will be thankful and happy.
  17. My beloved Soldi was a corn dog. She wouldn't like me to hull it while being active, but when she went to sleep, I could hull it. It came back after some time and I hulled it again. Sometimes she wore a booty.
  18. I can't believe that somebody does that horrifying cruelty to a dog...who is the vet, who does such an unethical surgery?
  19. I wish you luck and a speedy recovery. Sometimes, if a break is not 'clean,' surgery might be necessary. Maybe in your hounds' case it's indicated. Hoping that your hound will son jump around again... I've known several hounds with broken legs, some without surgery done, others with complicated surgery and pins and plates. ALL have recovered perfectly... Greetings, Marion
  20. I'm sorry that you have to go through this. My boy Ivy broke his leg as well...it was his right front leg. He got a Robert Jones castlike bandage for 1 month, the a lighter bandage for another three weeks. After that time we started bit by bit walking again. He recovered 100 per cent of his strength and mobility. No sugery was necessary. The first vet wanted to put pins and plates into the leg. The second vet I went to get another opinión, didn't consider necessary surgery and he was right. It healed perfectly. No crate ever, we don't use crates. The hound will not jump around with his leg but choose a comfy place to recover. If he was never crated, it might be more harm than good. Have luck, Marion
  21. How much I feel for you...I went through exactly the same with y adored Ivy-Blue already some years ago, but the memories are fresh. My boy had a perfect appetite until his last day and the progressing impossibility to move his 4 legs at as well 13 years, made us take the saddest decisión. I had him for 12 and a half years, as he entered my life as a puppy....I will never forget him. I wish you strength andmy thoughts are with you... Greetings, Marion
  22. I would not be so sure...dogs FEEL a lot more than we can imagine...
  23. I agree that the crating thing might be cultural as in Germany it isn't done either. I think it is VERY important to give the dog a long walk before going to work, as Brandiantwe says, so that the hound can empty out and exercise himself. After good exercise and without potty needs, the Grey will go to sleep at a place of his choice in the house. It cannot be expected from any dog, to sleep all night and then be forced to sleep again for long hours imprisoned in a tiny box. Left free roam, the Greys can walk around, change places and positions and it's a different story.
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