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Just Say A Little Prayer...

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Lee will turn 13 years young later on this month. He took a spill the other night while I was working and when I arrived home from work he was not with Boomer and Molly at the door to greet me. Bandit is crated while I'm not home. I'm just asking for prayers and hopefully a simple solution. Thursday and Friday he went to the sitter's house for the time I had to work. I am off work on weekends so I am home with him then. He will possibly go back to the sitter's at the beginning of the week.


When I got home Wednesday night he had fallen in the hallway (in his own feces) and could not get up. It was in the hallway that has linoleum (sp?) and he just looked at me when I finally realized where he was. He is not the type to whine, cry or make a sound if he is not feeling well. I helped him up. He always wears a t-shirt and I had to grab it at the top and raise him up by pulling up on the back of the shirt. The shirt was under his belly and chest so there wasn't a chance for him to get hurt from it. He is down to about 67 lbs and it's still a little rough for me to lift him especially at the angle I was at.


Before I took the other dogs out I was on the phone with the vet's office because my boy could not stand up without help and then he wouldn't even try to help me. I was advised to give him a Tramadol and see how he was during the night and if he got worse to of course bring him in. He made it through the night and the sitter told me earlier that day that she (they) haven't seen him and he had taken a small spill that morning. I agreed with her that he didn't need to be alone without human supervision in case he fell again. He was so weak and just had no gumption. The Tramadol helped some and the next day he was really wobbly but would get up with help. He is on Tramadol and Novox anyway for his LS so I knew how to give that and how much.


He went to the sitter's Friday as well. I got a better report from her that day when I called before getting off work. He was getting better and getting up by himself. Here's where the solution will come in. I am going to need a sling for him to help him get up my 4 steps up to my deck. I can't afford to have a ramp built or I would do that. I have been using a sweatshirt and just holding him so he can try to get a foothold. The big shirt is almost too awkward. Does anyone know of a simple solution that I can try to help him. He has lost weight and went from about 75 lbs and is down to about 67 lbs now but he's so long. I don't want anything that will hurt him and can't think of anything I can use with him.


I will check back and see if there are any replies. I'm sorry I haven't been around for a long time but am just having some issues that I don't want to burden anyone with. I'm not real good company at this time but thought I would ask for a few prayers for my old man. He's such a love and a joy to have in my life. I live by myself and am having to think of ways to keep him mobile. He is getting weaker in the backend but still has that great spark in his eye.


Thank you all in advance.



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Sending prayers for your sweet little man. Please update us as you can and kiss Lee for me. :grouphug


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Sending prayers for Lee. To help lift him and protect your back use a LARGE bath/beach towel as a sling under is belly to support him.


There is a new GT'er that makes cast protectors. She has designed a very nice sling, but it is not in production yet. Maybe she will contact you.



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If you had a ramp, would he be able to comfortably walk up the ramp? If you think he could, please pm me.


I'm really not sure. The sitter and her DH help him up and down their ramp. She did say he did better yesterday than the day before. He is also starting to lose some muscle mass in his hind legs. I will try to do anything I can for him.


A little off topic here but I keep thinking of the people who get rid of their pets when they start aging. I just hope they have someone who cares enough about them when it happens to them to help. It took Lee over a year to really feel like he was home and he adopted me when he was 9 yrs. young. I love this ole guy so much!!

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There is a harness for seniors for support - try here and scroll down to the second item on the page. Diane (Burpdog) had one that she sent to me to use with Frazzle and I sent it back to her - maybe she'd be willing to loan it to you to try it and/or until you can get your own?

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There is a harness for seniors for support - try here and scroll down to the second item on the page. Diane (Burpdog) had one that she sent to me to use with Frazzle and I sent it back to her - maybe she'd be willing to loan it to you to try it and/or until you can get your own?


Thanks. I emailed her for more information. I was on the phone for 40 minutes the other night just bawling trying to figure out what I could do. He wasn't even attempting to get up. He can now get up by himself but he's getting pretty wobbly and if I can help stop him from falling I will.

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Oh Patti, I'm so sorry to hear about Lee. I've been wondering why you haven't called lately. If there is any thing I can do to help, please let me know.



edited to add: I would think a harness with a handle would work well for Lee and for you. I think you could probably handle him a lot easier with one of those.

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Guest MonsterMomma

I tried a harness on my senior boy, but it never fit right. I found the simplest solution was to loop an old beach towel under his belly/chest and grab the ends up in my hand. Easy on, easy off, and handy in case of urinary incontinence.

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Patti I sent you a PM about a harness I have that is too big for my girl but might work for Lee.

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Patti...lots of good thoughts & prayers for you.

I used a harness on Snowy during her last weeks & it helped...

I know what you mean about some people...we'll pray for them too.

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A company near me has a product designed to help lift pets. (http://www.dogleggs.com/files/surgisox/petlift.cfm). I took a look at one when I was there recently--it seemed to be a good product. The owner of the company, Schon Gross, is very helpful and knowledgeable about pet rehab issues. Keeping Lee in my prayers.

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