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Greetings From Deutschland

Guest GreyStaatsmann

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Guest GreyStaatsmann

Hello , Glad to have a computer again and come here to chat again with other greyhound owners.

I have been enjoying reading many post and trying to catch up. Some of you may remember me,

but some may not. So I will try to make this a condensed intro.


I am from the US (Georgia) and in 2003 adopted our first grey from B'ham dogtrack .

Greyhound adoption#1 :)

Her racename-Vision ofthe Arts.born 03-2001

She was 2 1/2 when we adopted her and named her Chloe Today she is 7 1/2.


1 year later...After discovering on a greyhound database that she had a sister(littermate)

just retiring with a broken hock, we wanted to make sure she retired with us, therefore,


Greyhound adoption #2 :) racename- Image of the Arts-born 03-2001

She was 3 1/2 when we adopted her and named her 'Image' she was always putting on a show

and was a 'Grinning Greyhound' love to curl up and cuddle. She clinged to my 6 year old son like a magnet

and he to her. She only lived 8 months after we adopted her. She tested positive for babesia , was limp and

lifeless and wasted away rapidly. :(

The vet did an autopsy and discovered she had cancer for most of her life-which was odd at her young age,

She had the best retirement a greyhound could ever have, she had a very loving home and actually caught

a wild rabbit in our backyard.And spent her retirement with her sister (littermate) which was probably not so

important for her as it was for me. (rainbow bridge May 05)


After 2 months of having an only child errr, I mean greyhound, we decided to foster, yes foster, that sneaky little word that becomes the word, 'adopted' when you don't guard your heart.


Greyhound adoption#3 :) He was a 7 year old bounce bounce from Colorado to Georgia. Seems he was found tied to a tree, no water, no food, he was skin and bones and had a hard life from the dent in his skull,when he was taken in by the greyhound rescue- they said the dent was from malnutrition. He went through one adopter, bounced, then two fosters- seems he didn't adjust to cats too well. So we met him, a tall boy racename - KC's Masked Bandit...aka Bandit. We fostered him a week or two and knew, he needed us-or- we needed him. We knew he needed a new start in life with a new positive name. adopted July 05-So he is now known as 'Benny' We have had no major problems with Benny ( He did catch a bird in mid air) We thought of signing him to our Atlanta Braves ball team though.


Fosteritis :P definition: an acute disorder I went through. I wanted to foster them all! And I certainly tried it and love it ( actually being a successfull foster that is) I learned to care for

greys without actually adopting them. That summer, I did foster 2 successfully.


One year later, We and our 2 greyhounds move across the big pond to Germany.

It has been super here for meine hunde. Well behaved dogs go everywhere here.


Well, that was my condensed version . I'll add pictures when permitted.


Mom of Benny and Chloe.

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Great introduction, can't wait to see the pictures!

Roberta & Michael with Furkids- Flower (Shasta Flowers 6/7/06) & Rascal the kitty - Missing our sweet angels - Max(M's Mad Max) 10/12/02 - 12/3/15, Sara (Sara Raves 6/30/01 - 4/13/12) Queenie & Pandora the kitties - gone but never forgotten

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Guest tobinhr

Wilkommen to Greytalk!!


I just got back from Germany (Bamberg...in Bavaria) hence my fractured and undependable German! (My restuarant German is PERFECT! Ha! :rolleyes: )


We look forward to hearing from you! Have a "ein gut Deutschish bier" for me, if you care to! :cheers





Mac, who misses the beer gardens

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Guest GreyStaatsmann

@3G2C-Yes, I will post pics when my post count allows me to, thanks. Hmmmm, I might just try it anyway. <_<

@PP5-Oh! and I wish I could change my user name. I thought having my last name on there was cute, at that time I joined in 03. But May this year I emailed greytalk for help that I lost my password. Doggonit! ;) I wish I knew I could change my UN.

Sorry to hear of your loss- I do remember you as Snowy8.

@Nay- I worked for German company in the US, met the 'German' spouse there. 10 oops 11years later, we relocate here.

I did visit Heidelberg in 1999 (on business/liesure / meet all the kinfolk trip )

@tobn- I remember getting advice from you and others about flying my greys over here. It worked fine.

Benny the senior had no problem, laid like a roachbug in his crate -so they said. Chloe on the other had made nervous poo.

The petcare folk at Luftansa were super. Strict but super about it.

Oh the beer, wow, I was never a beer drinker until...

Let's just say, (from the supermarkt) you can buy a great bottle of beer for less than a euro. A good beer for 48cents but the last one comes in a plastic bottle and you have to pay deposit (pfand) on it.

@robin- :colgate

@merlins- i didn't want to go down in Atlanta history as a foster failure.


Thanks guys! Tchuß!



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Welcome back! :wave


I loved your introduction. I also have littermates, so the part about Image really touched me. :cry1


I'd love to hear more about the experience of having well behaved dogs in Europe!



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Guest GreyStaatsmann

Hi @Anne, we are euro-neighbors now.

@HT4- :colgate thanks

@Annie- The littermate happenstance was total fate; that it all happened the way it did.


Gotta go, and give up the puter a while-my time's up :(

Thank you everyone


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Guest GreyStaatsmann

Here I try quickly to plug in the pics as promised.

I havent uploaded the German pics yet to my flickr acct.


Here is Chloe in pink, Image in green2818819188_eb7fcbfe17_m.jpg

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Guest GreyStaatsmann
and Chloe brindle Benny fawn

in 2005



Looks like I'm quoting myself here. Seems the pic didn't go through. So I'll see if I can find B&C on the Florida beach.

I know, I need to get them in front of the castle soon.( the Heidelberg castle) just up the street actually


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Guest BigPercyInMa

Herzlich willkommen :colgate

I'm from Goeppingen, near Stuttgart.


I remember the 568 steps up to the castle in Heidelberg :lol (ok, so there are not quite that many steps ...)


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Guest GreyStaatsmann

Hi BigPercy, Funny . Ever wonder why you don't see many stair stepper machines here.

Too much of a good thing.

My hounds never knew 'steps' until we moved here. They have lots of practice now.

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