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Panting, Drooling, Diareha...sorry, Can't Spell

Guest act2redux

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Guest act2redux

ok, Brit is a sceamer anyway, and loves to chew on stupid stuff. Its a holiday weekend, so our regular vet won't be available by phone, much less in the office till tuesday..


She started this morning with the panting, and drooling, and VERY loose bowels and even puked once in the bedroom before I could get her out. She screams bloody murder when she poops and its so very watery. Its hard to know if its pain, fear, or what that is causing her to do all the screaming, since she will do that if you just pick up her foot to do her nails. She is a very big baby all the time anyway!


After the 3rd trip outside, with numerous attempts to poop - and the screaming that goes with it, I noticed that it seems like there could be a bit of blood in the liquid. When I used a baby wipe to clean off her butt the last time we came in, it didn't look like it tho' so now am a bit confused. If I sit down outside while she is out there, she will come up and want pets, backs her butt up to my leg, like...fix it mom!... There were a few bits of longer grass hangin, so I pulled those, but I can't imagine that they are anything more than leftovers from her grazing yesterday.

She lays down and relaxes in between bouts of panting and D...altho' even when she trys, nothing much is happening. I am beginning to worry about something caught in her gut.


She was perfectly normal last night, bounced outside, chased the squirrels, did zoomies in the yard...you get the drill.

I havent found any evidence in the last 24 hrs of anything partially eaten, altho' she is the chewer in the house.

My real concern here is that I am not sure how long to wait before taking her to the e-vet.

Her nose is cool, she doesn't want to eat - and the food is not new to her system -

My current plan is to pull the kibble, nothing but water for the rest of the day, offer her rice and perhaps some boiled chicken tonight. Toying with the idea of pepto that someone else has given for tummy upset.


I am looking for advise here, kids...let me know what you think...I will check back later!

thanks!! I am SO glad you guys are here!


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I'd want the vet to see her. Panting + drooling + vomit + diarrhea could equal her having gotten into something quite bad, such as organophosphates (common pesticides used in yards), poisonous mushrooms, etc.

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Guest meakah

Will she eat `anything`? I would try giving her a treat and see if she will eat it. If she is completely off all food I would be more concerned....kibble is one thing but if she is off treats it is another.


As for blood in the stool....was it a bright red? Or was it a darker tarry brown colour? Bright red blood means it is fresher and coming from the anus or just inside. But if it is a darker tarry brownish red colour than it is coming from further inside...and is definitely more of a concern (the bright red could be just from irritation of her straining).


The panting is usually a sign of pain and/or discomfort so I would be concerned about this if she is doing it often. Does she just do it when she is straining to go to the bathroom? Or is she doing it even when laying down inside?

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Agree with the e-vet visit. Those symptoms can be a sign of something in there that shouldn't be.

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Guest IrskasMom

E-Vet it is . There could be an obstruction in the Colon or Tummy . Hard to tell ..... but the screaming I don't like .It

sounds more to it.

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My Bubba is at the vet right now having had similar symptoms, and is recovering from a bout of pancreatitis.


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Those are definitely e-vet symptoms. Believe it or not, diarrhea can indicate a blockage since only the liquid can pass by the obstruction. Since you KNOW she eats things that aren't food, I would be very concerned.


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Checking in to see if their is any updates, we have been saying prayers?

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Guest act2redux



Let me say first that Brit is a sceamer... :o no matter what is going on - its her way of expressing her displeasure as much as her discomfort. In addition, she chews on all kinds of wacky stuff - not nec. eats it.


I also need to clarify some of what I wrote earlier (and likely need to pay closer attention in the future to how I say things so I don't scare anyone unneccessarily!) She was panting, drooling, big D...not all of them at the same time nor all the time. She would come inside and lay down calmly..no panting or drooling. and then it would seem to begin again.


In thinking and trying to investigate what she might have gotten into -

I am the only one putting any kind of pesticides or things like that on our property and while I use things like round-up out front, it is nearly never used in the portion of the yard that the dogs use.

I did find a plastic lid that she had chewed up, but it was pretty much intact - destroyed, but intact.

It did get me to thinking that I had brought home a new 40 lb. bag of dog food the other night and put it on the floor of the kitchen because we were late getting out for church and I thought I would open it and put it away later. When we got home later, some unknown dog B) had shredded the outer portion of the bag. I thought that was pretty much it, untill I went to pick up the pieces and put the kibble away. Someone had eaten off the corner of the bag and eaten an unknown amount of dry kibble out of the bag. We thought it was Echo as she was the one who didn't eat dinner when offered that evening. So this morning, it didn't occur to me that it just might be the paper pieces causing a problem for miss britany....She wasn't at all interested in her feed this morning- no surprise there - but did definately want her cookie for going into the kitchen so that we could leave when I had to take mom out for a short while this afternoon. (I alerted the neighbor so that she could listen for and check on brit. while we had to be out) She did have a bit of D in the kitchen while we were out...disgusting, but it did make it easer to identify the bits of paper that were in there along with the grass bits! She has gone out a couple of times since then with no abnormal behaviors. She was very interested in her dinner to my surprise as well.


I had intended to see how she was doing and then give her turkey and rice for dinner - but she was doing such a good job of stealing Echo's dinner whilst I was thawing out the cooked turkey that I have...I figured what the heck! She seems to be feeling fine at this point - altho' I plan to monitor her closely for the next 24 hrs to make sure. I guess we are blessed that her system/stomach seems to be pretty indestructable but I sure won't leave that kind of thing around for her again! We are usually pretty careful about things we leave out that they might get into - it didn't occur to me as Starre never would have done that!


I can't say thank you enough to all of you for your advise, and your prayers! I was completely at a loss and my thinking was starting to shut down while in the middle of all of that. Your advise helped me to back off and take a more thoughtful approach to her issues. I really appreciate you guys! :yay


I'll let you know if anything changes, but for now, Miss Britanny seems right as rain! ...back to having to be first out the door, chasing that pesky squirrel, and no more panting, drooling or the dreaded big D





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